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New Year is round the corner! What better way to plan the new year by exploring India? Perhaps you want to delve deeper into an exotic land of magic and culture? Here, you will encounter life changing experiences and sights that are sure to dazzle your eyes. You could start planning this adventure right now. Of course, first you need to know what sights you will see and what experiences you will encounter. India a massive country and it would take a lifetime to find everything the region has to offer. Allow us to whet your appetite as we take you through some of the best sights and experiences that await you.


A Unique Culture

We think one of the best parts of India is the unique culture that thrives in that country. A prime example of this is the capital city of New Delhi. Visit our Party Calendar to find out the best new year parties in the capital.But, before you stop off in some of the pubs in India, why not have a look at some of the markets? There you’ll find some lovely gifts unique to the city. These handcrafted gifts are sure to give you a culture shock but you may end up falling in love. Don’t be surprised if you come back with a whole new wardrobe either. The fashion in India is mesmerising. After all, you’ll need some new threads to deal with the immense heat.

Handicraft Works - Delhi New Year Time In India!


The Country Comes Alive At Night

We haven’t yet done the Indian nightlife justice. However, that’s all about to change. If you think you have had a wild night out on the town, you have no idea what you’re missing. Visit our Nightlife page to know about the nightlife in India. But to give you a brief taster, imagine being swept up in a beat that never stops. Even when you leave the club, you can hear another bout of intoxicating music coming from down the street. In a sea of bodies, you can feel yourself dancing like never before, the sweat dripping off your body. It’s a beautiful and life changing experience that you don’t want to miss and it’s what awaits you on the streets of India. The party won’t stop when the clubs close either. The parties have been known to head outside where people dance well into the early hours of the morning.

New Year Party - Nightlife in India New Year Time In India!

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Sights You Can’t Miss

After a late night, or should we say morning, of partying we imagine you’ll still want to find everything else that the country has to offer. We’d be selling this wonderful place short if we didn’t mention some of the sights that are around every corner. There are dazzling monuments to visit and a popular favourite is, of course, the Taj Mahal. It’s majestic beauty and gorgeous architecture might remind some of a popular Disney cartoon. But the Taj Mahal has to be seen up close to be believed. Being one of the seven wonders of the world, there are very few sights in the world that can rival its man-made beauty. It’s also one of the oldest monuments in the world, dating back to 1630 AD. You will truly be at the sight of an incredible piece of history, not to mention a declaration of undying love. The monument was actually built by Mumtaz Mahal as an ode to his wife so she would never forget how much he adored her. He raises the bar high doesn’t he boys?


Live Music

As you explore the region, we’re sure you’ll be stopping off in many of India's bars and restaurants. But, you might be surprised to find more than just a lovely meal with ambience. After all, India is widely known for it’s live music scene. For instance, you could stop off at the Blue Frog in Delhi for some thrilling beats. Don’t be too surprised if you hear the thrilling sound of electric guitars and drums. It’s known for it’s wide splendour of different styles. If that’s not your thing, you could always check out one of the top jazz bars in the area. Jazz is a beautiful type of music and it has taken India by storm.

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Watching The Game

Although, India has become somewhat Americanized as you’ll soon discover once you begin to explore it more deeply. You will find bars with TVs. This would never have been thought of a few years ago but times have changed. Once you might have only visited a bar in India to chat with friends and share a drink or two. Now, it’s quite common to enjoy the latest sports game together cheering your favourite team on.


Wine And Dine

Naturally we can’t speak of India without mentioning the delicious dishes that await you at every restaurant in each city. You will love eating out in this vibrant country. India is world renowned for the delicious dishes that it has to offer. Don’t forget to savour some of the fine wines with your meal this New Year!

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We hope you enjoy exploring this wonderful and beautiful country this New Year!

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