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published time By Liveinstyle published time 11 Dec, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

The year has almost ended and you must have heard the question a couple of times already – “So, what plans for New Year Party 2017?” Well if you haven’t already decided, why not throw an outdoor party this New Year? Here’s how you can go about it.

1.Pick an ideal place

Ideal place to celebrate new year
A farm house would be just perfect, but if you can’t arrange one, don’t sweat it. Your terrace or parking lot would work really well too. Make sure you have enough seating - a couple of cane chairs would do wonders. Hang up a few dull lights – keep it subtle - don’t overdo the lighting, because you wouldn’t want your party to look like an EDM concert. 


2.Warm it up with winter cocktails

winter cocktails at new year party 

Of course there’s going to be plenty of beer that you will stock up for the party anyway, but why not do something different for your guests this New Year? You could look up warm cocktail recipes like a warm Rum Punch, spiced orange juiced and vodka, Mulled Wine and more. Use alcohol bases such as Vodka and Rum, they’re ideal for winter cocktails. But do keep a check on your alcohol consumption! 


3.Include a Barbeque


If the weather is chilly, a Barbeque would do wonders, it will keep your guests engaged and add a few extra dishes to your New Year’s platter. Besides, Barbeque is always a good starter for any party. So make sure you get the coal and the grill in advance to avoid last minute hassles.


4.Get cozy around a Bonfire

Memories are reinforced with a bonfire, just sitting around it during the after party and sipping on a warm drink is something that will remain forever behind your eyes. So set up a bonfire and make this New Year a memorable one. Always remember, safety first. Do take the necessary precautions and safety measures. 


5.Gift your guests some warm memories

A keepsake is always appreciated, especially after a great outdoor New Year Party, so pick up a couple of mufflers to gift your guests after the party or the morning after. Just something to help them remember what a great time they had. 


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