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Where can you get lost on the streets of a beautiful city as you dance the night away in different clubs and bars? We think there is only one place in the world that fits this dream beautiful. That’s the country of India. The region is renowned for it’s parties and upper-class nightlife in each of the major cities.

Visit our Party & Nighlife page to know best parties in town. Whether you’re looking for wonder or entertainment, you’re sure to have a thrilling time in New Year.

What types of experiences are we talking about? You can rent transportation and bar crawl through each of the major cities. Or, you can share a quiet meal in a beautiful destination at the heart of the city. But, before we get to all the fun and games it’s important you know a little about our wonderful country.

Music and Drinks with friends

Love different types of music as you walk through the doors of each bar and nightclub in India. There are plethora of options to explore ranging from affordable &fun places to the most ostentatious places for having a perfect glass of wine and food.The contrast really is that extreme, and it will be up to you which route you take. We imagine it will depend on the budget you’re living this unforgettable night on.

Binge Drinking


Resto Bar

What is a resto bar? It’s a phrase you’ll hear quite a lot as you explore the nightlife of India.Dine on your delicious evening feast along with a sip of perfect wine. When the evening is still young, you will find the bar serving huge range of drinks and cocktails.You can also share a few cocktails with some strangers whiling away the evening.Visit our Cocktail Directory for some awesome cocktails.

Resto Bar

As the sun falls lower and the sky turns dark, the bar then comes alive in a spectacular way. Music will be blasted through speakers around the room as everyone takes to the dance floor for a late night New Year party. The idea has been replicated in many cities of the world with a twist. But it has never been more popular than in India.

Outdoor Celebrations

Have you ever danced in the streets? If you live in India and you haven’t had an outside party, what are you waiting for? In Goa, you’ll find outdoor parties that have taken the nightlife back to a simpler, more mystical time. What better way to do these 5 Amazing things with your Yaars! in Goa.The celebrations can be rather spiritual.

You might feel a sense of calm wash over your mind as your body catches the beat.Visit our Party-Calendar for best part destinations.

The Best Nightclubs for New Year Party

Where are the best nightclubs in India? You’ll find them in each of the major cities. Whether it’s a pub you want or a great dance scene India has got it all. If you’re looking for a great place to share a drink or two with friends in a beautiful environment we recommend one of Mumbai’s sunset bars. These bars are located high above the city so that you can see the horizon that stretches for miles. It’s a beautiful sight and one that is sure to give you countless gorgeous photo opportunities. We have no doubt that you will every moment you spend in one of these bars and Asilo is particularly stunning.

Visit our Nightlife Page to find some more information.

On the other hand, you might be looking for some fun, music and dancing. If that’s the case you could check out some of the live music venues, spread out across the country. Blue Frog in Delhi comes particularly highly recommended for it’s fantastic range of different styles. Then again if you feel like losing yourself in a beat and dancing until the night ends Shiro is the best place to go. This beautiful bar and restaurant will come alive with music at 11 pm so you better be ready for it.

Visit our World Class Bars page to look at some of the happening bars in Delhi-NCR. Whether it’s a mystical experience, a beautiful evening or a night you’ll never forget, India has it all.

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