5 Days of Christmas + New Year: Day 3 - Bangalore!

Bengaluru has always been at the forefront of the party scene, and gives you experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. Our 5 Days of Christmas and New Year would be incomplete without a trip to The Garden City.

Here’s how you could celebrate the festive season with one epic day in Bangalore:

27 December 2014

1 PM: Nilgiri Cake Show    

Heaven is a place where cake shows happen all the time, and this particular slice of heaven has been happening for 36 years and counting. Head here and spend an afternoon feasting your eyes on the greatest cakes in the world. Spoiler warning: There’s a Taj Mahal cake.

Nilgiri Cake Show in Bangalore

27 December 2014

6:30 PM: Caperberry, Lavelle Road

The one thing missing in our 5 Days of Christmas + New Year series so far has been high level luxury and mystique. Caperberry provides that, by using science to give you the best possible party. As you learn about molecular gastronomy and enjoy their attention to detail, you will be transported to Modern Europe - all in the heart of Medieval Europe.

Caperberry, Lavelle Road, UB City

87629 33355

27 December 2014

9:30 PM: The Biere Club, Whitefield

Beer is probably one of the biggest gifts given to mortals on earth, and what better way to see off the Old Year than in the home of beer on Bangalore and, indeed, on Earth? The Biere Club is huge, and is both a brewery and a showcase. Not to mention being a great place to chill with your friends after your fun day!

The Biere Club, Whitefield


28 December 2014

1 AM: Home

Head back from a fun evening of socializing at the Biere Club. What way to go to bed better than full to the brim with the milk of human kindness?

If you want to read about Day 1 (Delhi!) or Day 2 (Pune!) in our amazing 5 Days of Christmas + New Year series, just follow the link. Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and stay tuned for Days 4 and 5, coming soon!

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