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1. Easy Tiger

Located on Church Street, Easy Tiger will give you the feeling of being in a pub in Bangkok without having to make the trip. Sit on their balcony, sip on a cold one and watch the world go by.

Call Now - 080 25550707

10 New Pubs to visit before  New Year- Easy Tiger


2. Hoppipola

With outlets in Indiranagar and Church Street, Hoppipola is a “fun­ful”, “fuss­less” stop on your night out. 

Call now - +919066021781

10 New Pubs to visit before New Year- Hoppipola


3. 13th Floor

13th Floor provides a bird’s eye view of beautiful central Bangalore. The pub has been around for many years and it’s easy to miss this for the newer pubs in town. The great food, service and drinks only adds to the ambiance here.


4. Gilly’s

Gilly’s in Koramangala is your place to feel years younger, simply by unwinding and chilling with the millennials. 

Call Now - +918892072331


5. Tap Water

On the happening Brigade Road, you will find Tap House Resto Bar in one of the basements of the old buildings on this busy street. 


6. Drinks on MG

Can’t miss it. “Drinks” can be identified by the large cocktail shaker on the side of the building on MG Road. It boasts of great drinks and the ability to have pleasant conversation without having to shout.

Book now - +91 9066023260


7. Bangalore Brew Works

With the boom of microbreweries in the city, Bangalore Brew Works joins list of must­do places... and how.


8. Tap House Resto Bar

Located in Electronic City this pub boasts of being a “pocket friendly” resto bar. 


9. Blistering Barnacles

Located on one of Bangalore’s main F&B drags, Indiranagar, Blistering Barnacles has fast grown to become one of the most popular hangouts for all ages.

Book now - +919066021783


10. 153 Biere Street

Modeled around a European street, this microbrewery serves up delicious, freshly crafted beers that can be sampled.

Call now - +918892088207

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