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Though stereotyped, you cannot go wrong with this one – ever! There are many filmi ways in which you can make your New Year Party a blockbuster evening.

Invite in style:

Get innovative with your invitations. How about a clapboard invite so everyone knows just what to expect at this New Year bash? You can make your Bollywood theme even more specific; ask guests to come dressed as in a Yash Raj film or to pay tribute to the black & white era. Be green and make this an e-invite.

invite in Style New Year Party


Set the mood:

Retro posters on your walls are a quick and easy way to create a Bollywood feel. If you’re up to doing more, get some life-sized cut-outs of favourite film characters – like Mogambo, Gabbar Singh, Jodhaa, Devdas, Anarkali and make your space snazzy. And don’t forget the LED Lights. The host can wear a ‘Director’ tee and if there’s more than a few of you, you can wear ‘Cameraman’, ‘Choreographer’ tees.

Bollywood Theme New Year Party 


Pump up the volume:

The music’s the easiest part of the Bollywood-theme bash. If you have a DJ, brief him about the theme. If you’re opting for DIY music, download and compile hit numbers that will go with your theme; disco music for a retro party, for instance. Non-stop dancing fun is guaranteed with the right mix of Bollywood tunes.

Play it, again:

Add to the fun quotient with some cool movie games. Dumb charades is, of course, one that always go down well. Play musical chairs to Bollywood songs. Take the trouble to create a film quiz. Play short clips and ask guest to guess the movie. Losers must mimic a star.


Filmi food: You’ll need plenty of drink to keep spirits high and food to fuel all that dancing. Go full-on with cocktails and give them filmi names. Think DDLJ Daiquiris and Silsila Screwdrivers. Draw up a food menu that comprises mostly finger foods and nibbles and a few mains. Make them fun and serve up Hum Aapke Hai Corn balls and how about a 3 Idiots tri-colour dip with nachos?

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