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If you’re thinking of throwing a new year party, you have a lot of planning to do. You would want your new year party to be memorable - to go off with a real bang! So, how can you make sure this party is one that your guests never forget? We have some awesome tips for you!

New year Parties

Give Everybody Plenty of Notice

If you want your party to go off with a bang, you need to make sure you give everybody a plenty of notice. This way, people will make you a priority. Don’t leave it until they’ve made other plans or have been invited to do lots of other things, or you’ll probably be partying all on your own. Start plans early so you can send out your invites as soon as possible. Ask people to RSVP as soon as they can so you know how many people to expect.

Dress Up - New Year Party

Find an Unusual Venue

Of course you have the option of throwing new year party at your house - and that’s perfectly fine if you have the room and you don’t mind cleaning up. However, you might want to find an unusual venue to throw your party. Maybe rent out a room, or a mansion! Search our Pub Finder for some great venues. You could even find a deserted warehouse, but you need to make sure that wherever you go, you’re allowed to be there. You may need to get a license to avoid getting shut down or in trouble. Some people even throw secret parties in the woods!

Create an Eclectic Playlist

People with all kinds of music tastes are going to be attending your party. Don’t just think of your own tastes when creating the playlist! The playlist should contain a bunch of different styles and artists to suit all your guests. Whatever you include, make sure they are songs that will get the crowd ready to party. Make sure the playlist is long enough too, as this party will likely go on for hours. You don’t want to end up listening to the same 20 songs over and over again! Ask people for a suggestion beforehand when they RSVP, so you know you have at least one song on there that all of your guests will appreciate. In some cases, it might be worth hiring a DJ!

Come Up With a Fun Theme

Having a theme for a party can add another element of fun. It makes guests more likely to speak to one another, and can make things even more exciting! Theme can be absolutely anything you like, so get creative. If you want everybody to dress up, you could throw a ‘Bond’ style party. You could even make the theme a little more lighthearted, like superheros for instance.

Arrange Some ‘Out There’ Entertainment

Why not arrange some ‘out there’ entertainment for your guests to enjoy? You could have a palm reader, face painter, or some other weird and wonderful form of entertainment. This isn’t always necessary, but if you want to throw a memorable party, it’ll make all the difference!

Don’t Forget Your Snacks

People will get hungry, so make sure you intend on feeding them. Simple snacks should do the trick; you don’t need to put on anything too complicated. Have a variety of chips, dips, sandwiches, and mini pizzas to keep your guests happy as they drink. If you only have a handful of guests, making them a meal could also be an option. You are going to need food to soak up all of the booze. Havoc will ensue regardless, but at least no guest will complain that they are hungry.

Make a Signature Cocktail (and Don’t Run Out of Booze)

Create a signature cocktail of the night for all of your guests to enjoy and remember. Creating too many different cocktails will be hard work, so pick a favorite and stick with it! Try to pick something with a new year’s eve theme that’s simple to make. Perhaps something fizzy and fruity that everybody will like! Providing it looks pretty, people will love it. Have a look at our Cocktail Directory for some brilliant ideas. You could even make up a few bowls of simple punch alongside if you want to be sure that there’s something for everybody. Whatever you do, don’t run out of booze. Shops will close early and you’ll need to be fully stocked to keep your guests going. To avoid running out, you could ask each guest to bring something for everyone to enjoy.

Hand Out Props

Why not hand out props as the night goes on? They can make for really fun photographs and most guests will have fun wearing them. They can be as ridiculous or simple as you like. Hand out party hats, tiaras, novelty glasses and anything else you think your guests will appreciate.

Play Some Fun Games

If you’d like, arrange some fun games to play. Give your guests the option to get involved, so they don’t feel like they have to. You could play a simple game like Twister. You could even make funny predictions for the new year and place them in a bowl to read out later on. Then there are the standard drinking games. It all depends on who’s invited to your party and the kind of event you’d like to have.

Arrange Transport Home

All parties have to end some time, even if they have gone off with a bang. Then it’s time to get your guests home. If you don’t want anybody to do anything silly, such as drink drive, make sure you arrange transport home at the end of the night. Arrange transport a good few weeks in advance, as other party planners will have the same idea as you. You might also want to take their car keys from them as they come in the door! If you have room, you could let a few guests crash at your place. Chances are you’ll have some people crash out from all of the fun anyway!

Ready to have a new year you’ll never forget? Start planning now!

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