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We all recognize that feeling of panic when your guests are about to arrive, the cooking is not yet done and the house isn’t fully ready. Here are a few tips to get your house guest-ready or for new year party in just a few minutes.

1.Light a scented candle

Scented Candle for House Party

The trick to making your house seem warm and inviting is not always visual. Sometimes a great scent is enough. Light a festive candle with a fruity, floral or spicy note and watch your guests feel at home within minutes. Or better still make it yourself, just take a full orange peel and stick some cloves in it and place a tea light inside it. It will not just smell divine it will also look DIY and crafty!

2.Homemade Mood Lighting

House Party Menu

Just take a bunch of empty mason jars and stick a bunch of fairy or twinkle lights in them and prop them up on a table near a mirror and voila! The entire room will suddenly look more festive and the mood lighting will help hide any flaws in your house.

3.Spritz up your bathrooms

One of the places we always forget to clean when we are getting our home ready for guests is the bathroom and that’s where we make a mistake. One quick way to spruce up those rooms for guests is to release a spritz of air freshener, clean up all reflective surfaces like mirrors and hang new hand towels and leave some potpourri or magazines or fresh flowers in the room so that it looks and smells fresh.

4.De-Clutter your living room

Just before the guests come in is the wrong time to be investing in an exhaustive clean up. Try to de-clutter your living space in a jiffy by simply picking up all papers, toys, bills, and strewn objects. Instead of placing each of them in their respective place, just put them into a cane or laundry basket and stove it away to be sorted later. But remember, this is only a quick fix solution for stashing the clutter away from sight in minutes. Don’t resort to it too often or you won’t be able to find any of your important papers! Add a finishing touch in the form of fresh flowers or a bowl of lemons or oranges on the table. 

5.Put on some music!

The final touch is to make guests feel at home in an instant the minute the walk in by putting on some lovely music that gets them into the party groove! You can create a playlist on your phone or iPad and stick it on to the speaker deck and get the party started! Remember to switch it up as the party extends into the nights so that there is something for everyone – for those who want to groove to the music to those who just want to have a laid back night.

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