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1. Masquerade Theme

Have all your guests wear masks to your party. This will keep the mystery alive while your friends try and guess who is behind each of the masks. It also acts as a great ice breaker for your guests to all get introduced.

5 New Year Theme - Masquerade


2. Spa Theme

Throw the most relaxing new year party with an at­home­spa. Have a mani­pedi booth or a mini fish spa tub. Your guests would love to receive facials and head massages while sipping on some wine. Your guests are sure to leave your party twice as happy. 

5 New Year Themes- Spa Theme


3. Superhero Theme

See how adventurous your guests are by having them dress up like their favourite superheroes. Besides the fun costumes the food and drinks could also be superhero themed. Take this Hulk drink for instance. Yum!


4. 007

This new year throw your friends a 007 party. Men dressed in tuxedos, women dressed, but barely. Have a casino corner and the bar whipping up some vodka martinis, shaken, stirred or otherwise. 

5. Glow In The Dark

No one is ever too old to enjoy a glow in the dark party. It takes you back to a psychedelic time... so you can trip the light fantastic. Decorate with UV lights and have glow in the dark jello shots to stay true to your theme. 


Image Credits: Pinterest, Creative Commons encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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