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published time By Liveinstyle published time 26 Nov, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

If you wish to ditch the crowded New Year Eve’s Parties and stay back, you might as well have a House Party. If you already do that every year, do something fun this time. Organise a themed party. Selecting a theme for your New Year’s Eve party can be tricky because it will set the mood for the entire night. Make sure it is fun for you need to welcome the New Year cheerfully and zealously.

Below we have listed out some themes for your house parties. Raise the last toast for this year and welcome the New Year in style and from the comfort of your own house.


Masquerade Party:


Masks and mystery are the perfect ways to liven up a New Year Eve’s Party. Arrange masks for your guests or ask them to bring in their favorite masks. Decorate the biggest room with black and gold or any of the party colours so that it serves as the dance floor. You can also play a ‘Who is who’ game.


Retro Styled Party:


Who doesn’t love the 70s and 80s? We all do. So throw a Retro styled New Year Eve’s Party. Ask your guests to creatively dress as per the theme. Play that classic music and decorate the house accordingly. You may also have a photo booth. Arrange for some funny props of the gone decades. If you want it to get more interesting, have your guests sing Karaoke.


A Night In Paris:

Whether or not you’ve watched the movie, this is a wonderful theme for your house party. Nothing can ever go wrong with Eiffel Tower and floral accents themed decoration. To make it more interesting and fun, arrange for French cuisine. This is a perfect theme for couples and lovebirds.


Music Jam:

Who doesn’t love music jams? We sure do. Invite that guitarist friend of yours and the pianist who is multi-talented and can play more than one instrument. Jam all night till the countdown begins. Raise the last toast for 2017 and welcome 2018 with some great music.


Around the World:

This can make a great theme for your New Year Eve’s Party. Ask your guests to come dressed like people around the world. Also, request them to bring along a dish which belongs to the respective region. A potluck plus costume party, can you wait for it? encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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