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If you’re playing host to a New Year Party, you should know that it takes a lot of work and planning for everyone to have a bash, they’ll remember through the year. Our check-list will help you throw the perfect New Year Party 2018.

Pick a theme: 

Bollywood Night Party

Parties are always more fun when there’s a theme and everyone dresses up. After all, strolling up in your jeans and tee and grabbing drinks is something you do the whole year, right? So, make it special and go for a Bollywood party, a masquerade ball or do it Vegas-style.

Make a guest list: 

Decide how many people you want to and can host comfortably. Is it going to be an intimate gathering of close friends or even-strangers-are-invited kinda crowd?

Send out invites: 

New Year Party Guide

E-invites work just fine. Design them creatively to reflect your theme. Asking for an RSVP is a good way to ensure last-minute panic.


Decide on the food and drinks:

Depending on the help you have, your budget and time at your disposal, plan the menu. A host of finger foods are ideal for an all-night party. If you are going to be making the food, work backwards and start shopping for ingredients well in advance and begin prepping. Ordering in or hiring a catering service are your other options.


Stock up on drinks:

Make a list of what you want to serve your guests. Ensure there’s a mix of white and dark spirits. Buy mixers, fruit juice, cola. And don’t forget the ice. You need tons of the stuff and should buy enough.


Decorate your space:

Allow plenty of space for guests to move around and mingle, clearing away furniture if necessary. Set up a space for dancing. Add décor elements such as posters, LED lights and buntings to suit your theme.


Plan the entertainment:

Get the music organized. You could hire a DJ or one of your friends could play the role. Else, set up a DIY music system. Think of the fun games guests can play.


Be a responsible host:

It’s up to you to ensure that no one drinks and drives. Ask your guests if they have designated drivers – sober ones --  in their groups. Arrange cabs, if necessary. Worst case scenario, have guests who shouldn’t be driving stay over.


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