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published time By Man's World Magazine published time 15 Dec, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Hosting a party can be fun - and stressful, too. It’s one of those things that you really enjoy doing, but gets you worried, too, at times. So, if you are planning to organise a New Year party 2018 at your house this year, while on one hand you are jumping with joy at the idea of meeting friends and family, on the other, even the thought of the bazillion responsibilities and things to do weighs you down. Is the stress of organising this New Year’s house party not giving you a chance to enjoy and ‘party’ away? The good news is that we have drawn up a checklist that will make things easy and organised for you. Enjoy the party!

New Year Party

  1. Set a budget: First things first, decide a budget with which you’re going to work. You definitely wouldn’t want to spend the very first day of the year thinking (read: regretting) why you splurged to that extent. Everything follows once you’ve set a budget.  
  2. Decide a guest list: Make a list of the people you’re planning to invite. Send out invites (with invites for a RSVP) ASAP, before your friends and family commit elsewhere. A day or two before the party, reconfirm with each of your guests whether or not they are coming.
  3. What’s on the menu?: Whether you’re ordering for the food or preparing it yourself, see to it that there is enough for everyone. Same goes for the drinks, mixers, ice, etc. Have a little cheesy, chocolate-y menu, in case you’re having kids over for the party. Ensure that there are enough plates, glasses, cutlery, napkins, etc. If your guests are easygoing, you could opt for disposable ones.
  4. Organize a theme: It would be a good idea to have an interesting theme to your New Year house party. This brings in an element of participation and enthusiasm from your guests even before the party gets started.
  5. Plan the entertainment: If you’re planning to have a theme party, you will have enough and more things to do and ideas to play with. But, just, in case, you want to keep it plain and simple, don’t forget to have some games, entertaining music, etc. to keep the party going. A party that is all about people forming groups of twos and threes and nibbling away is rather boring. So, keep the entertainment ready and flowing.
  6. Enough room for everyone: Be a good and responsible host and see to it that you have enough seating place for all your guests. You may have to shift your furniture a little to accommodate more people. Also, if your guests are bringing along their little ones, see to it that anything expensive or too delicate is out of their reach, and is probably kept in a cupboard or any other safer place.
  7. Have a backup plan for guests who decide to stay over:  Have a back-up plan in the form of  mattresses for a few   people who are probably not in a state to get home because of various reasons,  including those who pass out because of  excessive alcohol consumption. It is something you will not regret.
  8. Make sure your guests don’t drink and driveThis important caveat should be made clear to all your guests.  When you send the party invite, this point should be made clear emphatically to everyone.  If they are the kind who drink, insist that they get a driver or come to the party in a cab. Secondly keep telephone numbers of cab services and rent-a-driver services handy. Or better still, in cities where temporary chauffeur services are available,   hire a few drivers in advance who will come handy if you need to have someone dropped home.

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Image Credits : encourage you to Party Responsibly!