10 tracks to jumpstart your new year party

Here are ten tracks that are lighting up dancefloors across the country and will jumpstart your new year party as well.


Nucleya featuring Kavya Trehan - Take Me There

When this first single from Nucleya's highly anticipated follow up album to his previous two blockbusters finally appeared online, most people were rather confused. But they were listening to it on their laptops and phones, at home, at school, in the office, but the medium just didn’t deliver the message. Delhi-based DJ Su Real remembers “the first time I saw him [Nucleya] drop this at his Raja Baja launch at NCSI Mumbai was amazing because it clearly demonstrated how perfectly the song was designed for the festival big stage,” he says. “Everyone sings along to the melodious verse. And gets more and more worked up over the course of the long, epic build up, so that when the kinda ridiculous hyper EDM drop comes, kids flip out so hard!”


Sick Individuals x Holl & Rush - Helix (Extended Mix)

This one is Delhi-based EDM star Sartek’s personal party starter. “It’s one of the tracks with which you start your set to build the energy,” he says. “The sudden trap elements in the breakdown leave the audience with a surprise, followed by a really cool uplifter, leading to the big room festival drop destroying the festival dance floors.” So if you find yourself in need of a pick-me-up after work, you know which song to go to.


Martin Garrix feat Bebe Rexha- In the name of love (W&W bootleg)

The vocals for this tune are already an anthem for 2016 and this remix does full justice to the original. It’s sprawling baseline and crazy percussions make the crowd go berserk, in other words, a typical festival song.


Secret Cinema - Maximaal

“I’ve been playing this tune for a while now, and it never fails to really ROCK the dance-floor,” says India’s techno don Arjun Vagale. “Secret Cinema has created a monster that refuses to go away from my playlist. I'm really trying hard not to play this too often, but it just works!”


Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth (Shaan Remix)

EDM DJ Shaan explains why this tune will get his fans on the floor all season long: “I feel like this track works well because it's an emotional song that transports the audience into a state of nostalgia and bliss, all at once. The crowd can't help but be overwhelmed and the catchy vocals urge them to chant along. And after that, I constructed a drop that makes everyone lose their minds.”Johannes Brecht & Christian Prommer - Voix Grave (Johannes Brecht Version)

Gaurav Malaker of B.L.O.T swears by this track. “It’s an absolute bender, with massive, top quality production, brassy tones and a classical operatic breakdown,” he says, adding that it creates a big impact when positioned rightly in the set. “I think it’s going to be on the discerning listeners playlists for a while. If you don't like it at first, allow it to grow on you!”


Moby - Natural Blues (Kidnap Kid Remix)

Even post-millennials should be familiar with New Yorker Moby’s melancholy dance music hit, which samples American folk singer Vera Hall. This brand-new remix of the 1999 hit by Kidnap Kid, keeps this tune super accessible and strangely uplifting. It’s perfect for the odd sunset or just anytime really. The remix itself does great justice to the classic, not straying away too much from the original mood of the song but still being distinct in its own right.


Desiigner - "Panda"

After Kanye West's endorsement of total unknown Desiigner, this track just blew up worldwide. It's hard to tell exactly what people like about it, but it’s definitely something to do with the tongue-in-cheek lyrics that border on absurdism. Hardcore hip hop fans will recognise it immediately after the first two seconds of the low-key intro. It leads everyone else to wonder what the excitement is about, then once the beat drops, all hell breaks loose.


Shade FX ft. MC Zulu - "No Requests" (Su Real Remix)

Su Real’s treatment of MC Zulu’s DJ mission statement song is a desi bass avatar with elements of bhangra thrown in: a sentiment that he feels every DJ and musician in India can get behind. “When I heard Zulu's impeccable lyrics on the original version, I reached out to the label Club Popozuda to let me do a remix,” he says, and naturally, considering the tune’s title, everyone was in full support from the get-go.


Joyryde - Hot Drum (Original Mix)

Anish Sood first heard dubstep pioneer Skrillex drop this single at a Boiler Room set in Shanghai. “The straight up jacking house groove along with tribal drums work like a call and response pattern, pretty much kickstarting any party,” he says. The producer’s samples a reggae loop to great effect, creating a banger of a tune that chugs along nicely, doing much the same for any listeners who’s tune in. 

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