24 - Feb

New Town Wednesday's @ Studio- The Pan Asian Gallery

Novotel, CF 11, Action Area, 1C, New Town, Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata
07:00 pm - 11:30 pm   

More action at Studio at Novotel Kolkata Hotel And Residences for all our friends staying in and around Salt lake and New Town. A special family and friends night out for your guys with absolutely special offers. New Town Wednesdays. Late night action with theatre, movement and stand up acts that can spice up your mid week evenings at the Studio ! Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee is an arts and media personality from India with a broad and diverse span of work ranging from writing, directing and acting in theatre, acting in films, elocution as a solo artist as well as in collaboration with thespians in the performing arts field, curating India's only solo arts festival, conceptualizing stage shows, mentoring youth projects etc. His sphere of work ranges from heritage to social issues, from history to gender politics What happens when your skin gets more attention than your talent? How do you react when your body contour supersedes your potential? Do you still absorb abuse every day? Do you feel “boxed” when it comes to work? Have you ever loved somebody where you forgot to categorize your feelings? Yes, life moves on with these unanswered questions, till one day you start seeking them, triggered by memories or may be just circumstances. Here’s the story of a man travelling through the alleys of his life, probably to celebrate a new birthday. We all want to be born again? Don’t we?The play traces through one evening of Rony Das, who is a copy-writer for an advertising agency and his tryst with his memories and muse. What comes out of this monologue is not just a solitary quest for love, but also challenging some stereotypes which the society imposes on.


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