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published time By Liveinstyle published time 04 Nov, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Slash Comes To Town


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Guns N' Roses is more than a band. It's a bank of emotional memory. For fans like you and me, each song is a measure of what we have been through in life, in terms of emotions. Anger, hatred, love, triumph, pain, joy, sadness, jeaolusy, pride... and everything in between. All chronicled in the form of age-defying songs that boast lyrical depth and blues-based guitar virtuosity housed within the 'hard rock' scafolding of keyboards, bass, and drums. Love them. Hate them. But you just can't ignore them. For they are the people who defined an era. Not just in music history, but history itself.

While the debate on the GN'R line-up is likely to continue forever, please rejoice if you live in Mumbai (or Bengaluru). For the man whose guitar wizardry has been soundtracking your life is coming to town. And he is bringing Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators along. Yes, that's Slash aka Saul Hudson himself that LIVE Viacom18 in partnership with MTV Indies has slated to present to you at Reliance JIO Gardens, Mumbai (and Supernova Arena & Convention Centre, Bengaluru) on the Saturday of November 7 (and November 14).  So down some whiskey and head for the show. But don't you forget to pre-book a cab since a responsible rocker always parties responsibly. Tickets are fast disappearing on Ace guitar player Abel Zeliang will tell you why. Please scroll to read. But only after you watch this nostalgia-soaked video.

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Abel Zeliang

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Slash's guitar playing is 'simplicity' and 'originality'. Hailing from the north eastern part of India (Nagaland), that's the kind of music I got hooked onto at a very early age. As a guitar player myself, what speaks to me the most about Slash is his ability to take just a few notes and turn them into inspiring solos. In my opinion, you don't necessarily have to shred 500+ notes per second to get the crowd going wild. Just laying out a few meaningful notes straight from your soul is what it takes. That is the reason why Slash has been a big influence on me. Melody is the key. And that's something Slash never runs out of.


Slash is one of the very few guitar players who haven't changed their sound whatsoever. With just Marshall amplifiers, a Gibson guitar, and maybe a wah pedal is more or less what he has used throughout his career. I find that awe-inspiring. You don't need 50+ guitar pedals for modulation and effects to bring soul into your playing. And that's a lesson for the younger generation of guitar players right there. Apart from his guitar wizardry, Slash's continued commitment towards writing and performing is a sign of pure greatness. Age and health doesn't always remain on our side. But passion like that makes all the difference.

Words can't describe how much I'm looking forward to the Slash show in Mumbai. After having watched countless concert DVDs, it's finally time to witness the legend live. There will definitely be some happy tears rolling down my face. And it will definitely be a night to remember.