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published time By Liveinstyle published time 20 Dec, 2017 Share image 10 Shares

A singer, a composer, and a record producer, Papon’s (real name is Angaraag Papon Mahanta) Assamese folk fusion roots did not deter him from entering mainstream Bollywood and he managed to create a space in the hearts and minds of people.

Exclusive: Papon Gives Us An Insight Into His Life As A Musician

He rose to fame as a musician with Bollywood films such as Gangster, Metro and Dum Maro Dum and then there was no looking back. And recently, he turned into a mentor for Signature Startup Masterclass 2.0 (in Guwahati) which is a platform that inspires talented individuals to convert their “passion to paycheck” by exhibiting real-life success stories of revered personalities who provide guidance to aspirants wishing to achieve their dreams and desires. The masterclasses are being conducted across 14 metros and mini metro cities of India and will be released online in the form of webisodes.  

So right before the masterclass, Papon sat down with LiveInStyle and shared his story of his struggles, his humble beginnings, and more. Take a look.

Exclusive: Papon Gives Us An Insight Into His Life As A Musician

We’ve admired you as a musician and now we’re going to witness you as a mentor at the second edition of the Signature Startup Masterclass. What should your fans expect from you at the event?

Well, I’ll just share my story with the people and while in the process, will also get a chance to walk through my journey again. I’m sure the audience will derive some inspiration from those stories.

What was your reaction when you were among the coveted few, who were chosen for this event? 

I found it interesting. I think it made me rethink about my life; look back and see what I’ve done so far. And I’m still wondering what I’m going to talk about (laughs).  

Tell us about your humble beginnings in the music industry. Did you face many obstacles, challenges or rejections? And if you did, how did you overcome them?

There are times when you have to be patient in this industry and that is what I’ve been doing all this while. I’ve never really had a goal or a map so I haven’t really felt any pressure or struggle. I’ve just been very happy go lucky and things have been happening while in the process.  But you need to be disciplined and work hard in the field, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

What advice will you give budding musicians who are trying to find a foothold in the industry?

This is a great time for budding musicians. There is YouTube, and so many other ways you can reach out to music aficionados. Back in the days, we didn’t have so many opportunities. But it is also sad today that you don’t have a music industry; all you have is the film industry in this country. So I’m hoping there is a music industry that will only cater to music and not something that is supporting films.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is to enjoy every moment of what you’re doing.

Do you have any role model in mind who inspired you in recent times, or maybe while you were growing up?

My role model is my dad who believed in the humane aspect of being a musician.

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