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If there is any more proof of how much EDM artists love India and vice versa, look no further than Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

The Greek-origin, Belgian brothers Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios have been to India several times every year in recent memory and are now coming down for the TimeOut 72 Festival in Goa in December, along with another festival date.  Among the world’s top DJs, they have been voted to the top of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list in 2015 and stood at the second place in the last two years. Dimitri, however, told Rolling Stone India in an interview that it doesn’t make it the most important feat for them to be competing. “People sometimes talk to us like topping DJ Mag Top 100 is an Olympic achievement or something. I don’t think there’s a big difference between being number one, number two, or number three.”

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Passion for India

They’re one of the top DJ duos precisely because of everything that has given EDM a widespread audience over the last decade – they know how to read the energy levels of a crowd at their shows and take it to the next zone. Although active from 2007, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have leaned on compilations, soundtracks and plenty of singles and only released their debut EP Silence in 2017. In an interview with Your EDM, the duo were fairly candid about why they are yet to put out an album. Dimitri said, “The thing is, we’ve been working on this album for a couple of years now and there are tracks that survive the test of time”. A little careful with the trendiness of EDM, the duo say they want to make an album that stands the test of time. Mike mentions in the interview later on, “I want to show my grandchildren! This is what I made! And not be ashamed of it”.

One of their first Gold-certified singles came only in 2013, when they released “Mammoth” with producer Moguai. They’ve since followed up strongly with Platinum-certified, star-studded releases such as “The Hum” with Ummet Ozcan, “Higher Place” with singer Ne-Yo and most recently, “Complicated,” featuring producer David Guetta and singer Kiiara.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Passion for India

As musicians who are brothers, chemistry and ideating can have its pros and cons both, but from footage and shows over the years, it’s plain to see that the duo are among the most comfortable performers on stage. Dimitri tells Your EDM, “The thing is, we also don’t want to forget that we still want to make music that people can party to”. And Mike right then, chimes in to add, “That’s where Dimitri comes in! I get lost in too much melody and emotions, he’s more dancefloor oriented”.

One of their major achievements as a duo, of course, has been growing with and hyping marquee festivals such as Tomorrowland. There’s definitely a connection they have with one of the biggest electronic music gatherings in the world, considering it takes place in their home country of Belgium. Dimitri told Your EDM, “It was about five minutes from where we lived, on the actual grounds where we used to play as kids. We used to find dinosaur bones and things like that. And now it’s a nice nature park, but when we were younger, it was all dirt and mud – a dream paradise for kids to find fossils”.

As much as that was an unlikely parallel, what has always been evident is that the brothers Thivaios are all heart and soul, which is certainly much-needed in EDM, a genre that continues to grow larger into commercial acceptance. Mike told Festicket Magazine, “Our passion is the music and the fans. We don’t concern ourselves too heavily with stats and records but of course when it happens it’s an amazing feeling. We’re very happy that our music affects people in a way that they support it like they do.” 

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