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published time By Surbhi Mittal published time 08 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

In the past couple of years, EDM has caught steam and become one of the most popular genres of music amongst Indian youth. Skrillex, one of the pioneers of Dubstep, will be touring India this October. His perfectly commercial sound combined with mind-numbing bass-drops can take any party from dud to stud.

We bring you songs which will surely convince to see him!


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Never did we think that an EDM track could also be romantic. Skrillex went out and proved it with this song. Not to forget, this song features the legendary ‘D-D-D-Drop the Bass’ which has now become a very popular meme.

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites:

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Did you ever imagine that a song could go from relaxed to crazy in 2 seconds. Well, if not then listen to this song!

First Of The Year (Equinox): 

Once again, Skrillex proved that you don't always need crystal clear lyrics to be able to groove to a song. Listen to this song and just space out with the intricate visuals playing in your head.

Break'n A Sweat Feat. The Doors

We know, The Doors has broken up. So Skrillex decided to pick up their legendary song Breaking A Sweat and remaster it into a mind-boggling dubstep track. Genius. 

Get Up Feat. Korn

For one of his rock fantasies, Skrillex decided to collaborate with Korn. Check out this rock/dubstep track and don't miss out on the Korn’s unmistakable bass mixed with Skrillex's drops.

Bonus: 'Where Are U Now' feat. Justin Beiber

His latest commercial blockbuster is with Justin Beiber. While most people were skeptical about this association, Skrillex and Diplo managed to make it work with an insane drop. You're sure to hear this song in one of his sets. 

So head to the Skrillex concert and do let us know if these songs are played! 

Have a great Smirnoff Experience encourages you to Party Responsibly!