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published time By Rahul Sengupta published time 20 Sep, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

Bengal’s superhit partnership is all set to rock the silver screens once again, the combination of Srijit Mukherjee, Prosenjit Chatterjee and Aryan Bhowmick have been busy running the last lap before the release of Yeti Obhijaan, based a fictional character made famous by the author Sunil Gangopadhyay. 

Portraying the role of “Kakababu” Prosenjit Chatterjee is well known for playing important characters and making them a household name. Assisting him will be youngster Aryann Bhowmick who had already made a mark with his performance as “Santu” in the prequel Mishawr Rawhowshyo. 

          Aryan Bhowmick has essayed the role of Santu, Kakababu's nephew in the film

​Srijit Mukherjee’s combination with Prosenjit Chatterjee has literally been a treat for Bengali film audiences. Their partnership has led to super hit success of films like Autograph, Baishe Shrabon, Zulfiqar and Jaatishwar to name a few. 

Kakababu a creation of a legendary novelist 
Bengal’s tryst with mysteries and their casual flirtations with detectives are well known. The audience have bestowed love and affection to characters such as Feluda and Byomkesh Bakshi. The next-door Bengali sleuth attracts the fascination of the audience with ease. 

​Kakababu as a character was created by the legendary author Sunil Gangopadhyay. Writing for a famous Bengali Magazine Anandamela, Gangopadhyay had to continue writing fictional stories around Kakababu for as long as 33 years on popular demand. 

The Character of Kakababu is unique in many sorts. A former bureaucrat having served as the Director of Archeological Society of India, has keen interest and knowledge of Geography and History. Kakababu’s real name however is Raja Roychowdhury and after facing an accident in Afghanistan, he remained crippled all through. 

Prosenjit has mastered the portrayal of Kakababu on screen
Prosenjit however has mastered the portrayal of this character with ease. Not only has he honed up the characteristics and dialogue delivery but it was also a daunting task for him physically to pull off difficult stunts with the crutch. 

  Prosenjit has literally taken lot of efforts to bring the character of Kakababu to life 

“To climb the snow-capped mountains that too with a crutch (one has to keep the body language in place) is no mean feat! The mountaineers helped me a lot to achieve what the character was demanding of me. But I must admit that the crutch has become a part of me. Whenever I am in Kakababu's shoes, the handling of the crutch comes effortlessly to me,” quoted Bengali superstar Prosenjit while talking about his experiences during the shoot of Yeti Obhijaan. 

A realist Prosenjit however knows the challenges he faces while pulling off well-established characters like that of Kakababu. “Character-wise I have already established Kakababu, so I can't add much to his mannerisms. But this film was a tough journey,” quipped the on screen Kakababu Prosenjit Chatterjee. 

Despite the challenges, the National Award-Winning actor is delighted to work in a film based on Gangopadhyay’s novels, “Kakababu is a film that is liked by one and all. I am happy that once a year I can do a film that is a family entertainer. I'm really looking forward to it," Prosenjit was quoted speaking about Kakababu to Times of India. 

Filmmaker overcame major hurdles to bring the character to life 

If Prosenjit wins adulations for effortlessly portraying the role of Kakababu the credit must also go to the film director Srijit Mukherjee. It was Srijit who took the risk of imagining a Kakababu episode with Prosenjit when they kicked off Mishawr Rawhowshyo. 

“To portray him as 'Kakababu' in different and hostile surroundings in an adventure film, a far cry from the genre of my earlier films 'Autograph' or 'Zulfiqar', was a challenge. But you can take such risks with Prosenjit,” exclaimed director Srijit Mukherjee who in his own words is taking the ‘risk’ with Prosenjit for the second time after Mishawr Rawhowshyo.

Elaborating further challenges that the film crew faced while shooting, Director Srijit Mukherjee was quoted saying, “To my knowledge 'Yeti Obhijaan' is the first such film by an Indian production team and probably one of the firsts in world cinema where the shooting took place on a peak of the Alps at an altitude of 12,000 feet. Some of the climax shots were taken in a dome-shaped structure which was built by our production team at a village and flown in a helicopter to the top of the peak.”

A strict task master and perfectionist of sorts Srijit Mukherjee is not a big fan of computer graphics in films, “I don't have much belief in computer graphics. I want to shun using it altogether, if possible. There can be nothing like shooting in real locations,” said Srijit backing the decision to shoot in Swedish Alps to maintain the authenticity. 

Trailer well received all over 
After the runaway success of Mishawr Rawhowshyo which was a film set in Egypt the Bengali film audiences are all set to unearth the mystery behind the Yeti which has fancied opinions globally. The pre Durga Puja release slot also works well for the producers as the family entertainer as it promises to be will be a perfect fit for a pre-puja family outing. 

Not only has the release of the trailer caught imagination of the audiences in West Bengal, nationally too it has found reactions from popular members of the Bollywood film fraternity. In fact, the evergreen Amitabh Bachchan has come out in support of the film after tweeting out the trailer and showering adulations for Prosenjit Chatterjee.  

A Shree Ventakesh Films produced Yeti Obhijaan is slated for a pre Durga Puja release on 22nd September 2017 and will be hitting big screens simultaneously across India and Nepal.