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published time By Vanessa published time 26 Feb, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

From strangers to yaars, the latest McDowell’s #No1YaariJam episode unites two super popular indie artists. 

Nucleya and Clinton Cerejo are not your typical Bollywood music artists. And yet, if you check your own playlist, you will definitely find their tracks. Clinton is a music producer, composer and singer, and is the creator of songs like “Madari” and “Kya Karoon”. Humming them already? We are too! 

The second guest, Nucleya, needs no introduction. In Clinton’s words, “It’s very hard to ignore his music!” His albums “Bass Rani” and “Bass Raja” are go-to tracks in clubs, bars and even during festivals. He’s an icon among youngsters! 

Both of them have been a big part of the new wave of independent music in India. The latest #No1YaariJam on Viu brings them on one platform to discover a new yaari and a new collaboration that you’d definitely want to hear. Watch the episode here and come be a part of this budding friendship, so one day when they make a big hit together, you’ll know where it all started and how it happened. 

1. Do you know what’s Nucleya’s real name? 

Scene Kya Hai On The #No1YaariJam With Nucleya And Clinton Cerejo

2. How did Udyan become Nucleya? *The big reveal*

Scene Kya Hai On The #No1YaariJam With Nucleya And Clinton Cerejo

3. Ajnabi bane yaar! You saw it first on #No1YaariJam 

4. When did Clinton hear Nucleya’s music? 

5. When Nucleya got to know about ‘the Clinton Cerejo’.

6. Cut to present, when asked Clinton who would you like to be paired with on the show.

7. They both knew each other’s work but didn’t know each other personally. *up until now*

8. Anushka takes the episode to the next level with her game “Genre-ator” that gave them a chance to collaborate on the spot. 

9. Sounds interesting? Check out the episode to see how the two use simple lines like “Yeh line abhi vyast hai, kripaya thodi der baad koshish kare” in the form of a Ghazal. And other such lines sung in Opera and Heavy Metal tunes. 
PS: They even sung it in Bappi Da’s style.  

10. And finally, this talented duo came together to drop the bass with a Nucleya and Clinton Cerejo twist on a very popular yaari song. Can you take a guess? 

What a great way to conclude this episode! We’re still grooving to these new beats of this great cover. 

Watch the #No1YaariJam on Sunday at 10pm on Viu for more such musical jodis.