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published time By Olivia published time 29 Jan, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

What’s yaari without catching up with the yaar you’ve performed with on stage ages ago and reminiscing about it? 

We see our favourite musicians on television, sometimes we are lucky enough to witness them live on stage. But sometimes, if we get luckier, we get to see them talking about their yaari on #No1YaariJam.

Did you know both Hariharan sir and our host Salim Merchant are huge fans of Zahir Hussain Sahab? (*Spoiler alert: Salim even showed Zakir Hussain an old picture of him and the maestro in one frame)

Want to know what great yaari these legends share? Stream the entire episode of #No1YaariJam on Viu here

But before you watch the episode, here are the highlights from the latest episode that really wowed us.  

1. When Salim admitted he was nervous around two legendary musicians in the house
Dosti Do Yaaron Ki: Zakir Hussain And Hariharan On #No1YaariJam

2. Who isn’t an admirer of Zakir Sahab? Even Hariharan Sir is a huge fan!
Dosti Do Yaaron Ki: Zakir Hussain And Hariharan On #No1YaariJam

3. We all know Zakir Sahab is a maestro of music! From Jazz to Blues, to Rock-and-Roll, to classical music to orchestral music, is there something he can’t do? 

4. Even the greatest of artists have their own fanboy moment with their favourite musician. Zakir Sahab is no different!

5. Zakir Sahab not only plays the tabla, but he loves to cook too. (Now, who would have imagined that?)

6. We all have a favourite musician we look up to. And we couldn’t help but nod in agreement with Hariharan sir’s favourite one!

And last but not the least, here’s a picture of the famous yaars, sharing a moment together doing what they do best – Music!

Head to the Viu app to watch the #No1YaariJam TV show.