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published time By Saylee published time 23 Nov, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

With many conventions and end of year parties around the corner, it's time to don your best costume!

But this year, don't do it alone.Get a yaar to tag along and multiply the fun factor!

Confused about what you should go as?

Well, we have compiled this list of fun and easyyaar costumes that you and your bestie can put on to be the stars of the event.


Sherlock Holmes And John Watson – BBC Sherlock

A great pairing can become the core of a television show and remind you of what true companionship looks like. One such pairing is Sherlock and Dr. Watson. Ruffle up your hair, top it with a deerstalker, wrap a navy scarf around your neck and put your best coat on. And hey, don’t forget to pop your collar while you’re at it. Let your buddy button up a plaid shirt, layer it with a hooded jacket and carry a walking stick. The game is on with this one!

Last Minute Cosplay Costume Ideas For You And Your Yaar

Sartaj Singh And Ganesh Gaitonde – Sacred Games

This one will have you winning all the cosplay contests. If bromaces are not your cup of tea, go as arch enemies instead! This series has been the talk of the town for the whole of 2018, and so will be your costumes.Drape a turban and don the khaki costume of a policeman to dress up as the honest cop Sartaj Singh. And raid your dad’s wardrobe to find his favourite printed shirt from the 70’s for your buddy to dress up as Sartaj’s nemesis Gaitonde. Let him complete his look with the gangster’s signature moustache and you’ll be sorted!

Last Minute Cosplay Costume Ideas For You And Your Yaar

Archie Andrews And Jughead Jones – Riverdale

Calling all the Riverdale fans! Revisit your love for all things Archie by dressing up as Riverdale’s best. Keep it cool as the angsty Jughead by layering up with a tee, flannel and of course, a leather jacket. Pair that with jeans, throw and beanie on and get snooping around town, sniffing for secrets. Grab a Riverdale varsity jacket online for your buddy and you’ll be winning hearts throughout cosplay season!

Jai And Veeru - Sholay

In Bollywood, bromance is always in the air. As much as we love the romance, we do love a dose of good old dosti-yaari. Be it Karan-Arjun or Amar-Prem, these yaars have made us laugh and cry with their antics. But ask us for our favourite and we’ll instantly reply with Jai-Veeru. This affable jodi from Sholay define bromance in Bollywood. Don a blue denim jacket and matching denim pants with the trademark blue hat as Veeru and let your Jai wear a white suit as you hum along to ‘yehdosti, hum nahitodenge’. Bonus points if you can get your hands on a harmonica.