It’s asli yaari all the way for Beyonce Knowles and her former bandmates!


Friends who play together, stay together — and we don’t just mean sports. Being bandmates is as big a bonding factor as any, as the final trio from Destiny’s Child have proved time and again. Only last week Kelly Rowland confessed she “misses” being in Destiny’s Child and still longs for the “power” and excitement of being on stage with fellow musicians Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams.

Suggesting that the time is ripe for another girl group to step into the spotlight, Kelly explained: “I think it’s time for another generation to see women coming together. I think it’s time for another generation to see camaraderie. I think it’s time for another generation to hear voices together. To hear the power of it, how exciting it is. How it’s a force on stage. That is something that is missed. Hell, I miss it.”

Though Destiny’s Child announced their official breakup in 2005, the asli yaari between Kelly, Beyoncé and Michelle remains intact. “We would like to be remembered as true friends,” says Michelle. And to true friendship we raise a toast.

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