Eight ‘Asli Yaaris’ Established In The Chaos Of Bigg Boss House

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The controversial reality show Bigg Boss is back in the limelight with its eighth season and with it are back, the infamous episodes known for its drama, melodrama, and loads of tu-tu-main-main. Bigg Boss has always been in news for the volatile relationships in the house. However, despite the quarrelsome environment of the reality show, one has even witnessed some flourishing bonds of love and friendship, which has lasted even outside the camera lined Bigg Boss house.  Here’s a look at some ‘Asli Yaari’ that brewed between the contestants of the reality show.

VJ Andy – Tanisha

They quarreled over household chores, got upset, and even accused each other but the equation between contestants - VJ Andy and actress Tanisha never got shadowed by such trivialities. Despite the occasional differences, the two were seen sharing a warm bond of friendship in the Bigg Boss 7 house and always stood by each other when the circumstances in the house got nasty. The friendship has lasted even outside the Bigg Boss house. After being evicted from the house Andy even made a statement, “The ear that listened to my woes was always Tanisha. If anyone’s going to be my BFF, it is Tanisha.” Standing true to his words, he still shares a warm camaraderie with Tanisha.

Pratyusha and Kamya

Television actresses Pratyusha Banerjee and Kamya Punjabi were the other two contestants who struck a warm and affectionate bond of friendship inside the BB7 house. Whether it was getting the tasks done or being each other’s support system, these two actresses were joined by the hip inside the Bigg Boss 7 house and are inseparable even outside the house. "Kamya is a great friend. We got close in the BB house and share a very emotional bond and care for each other,” says Pratyusha. Lately, when the rumor mill mentioned about a rift between the two, Kamya put it on record stating, “Not true, we are best friends and will always remain so.” All we have to say is ‘Touchwood’!

Rahul and Ravi

The very first season of Bigg Boss too, witnessed a lasting bond between the winner of the BB trophy – Rahul Roy and semi-finalist Ravi Kishan. Their passion for films played the catalyst in bringing them together. Instead of engaging in squabbles like other housemates, the duo was often captured on the camera discussing story ideas to make films.  In fact, once outside the house, they also decided to collaborate as partners for a Bhojpuri film. While the film is yet to take off, Ravi Kishan ensured that his friend had proper guidance and support when Rahul decided to venture into the Bhojpuri film industry. Rahul does not hesitate to say, “Ravi has been a strong support system.”

Shweta and Sameer

When troublemaker Dolly Bindra passed crude remarks towards the BB4 contestant Shweta Tiwari, the only person who stood by her side was her friend in the house – Sameer Soni. His epic fight with Dolly Bindra, where the later supposedly even hit him with a rod must have been the most violent fracas in the Bigg Boss history, but that also earned him a friend for life - Shweta Tiwari. Shweta, who later was declared the winner of that season has maintained her friendship with Sameer Soni. Despite of all the politics inside the house these two like-minded people stood by each other like true friends and their equation has not changed since then. 

Juhi and Raageshwari

The winner of Bigg Boss 5 – Juhi Parmar, did not shy away from calling everyone in the BB house – A fake. However, there was one person who was not typecast as fake by her and that was Raageshwari Loomba. Juhi instantly found a connect with the singer inside the houses, and have been friends with her outside the house as well. Sources close to the two say that they are still very much connected and often spend their free time together.

Vindu and Ismail Darbar

“The only person I could call a friend in the house was Ismail Darbar,” said the winner of Bigg Boss 3, Vindu Dara Singh without blinking an eyelid. Though music composer Ismail Darbar’s stay in the house was short-lived, the pair had genuine fondness for each other, which traversed even outside the house in real life. Last year, when Vindu was arrested for his alleged involvement in match fixing, Ismail Durbar went on record and said – “Woh bahut hi zindadil insaan hai. To err is human. He must have made a mistake.” Now only an asli yaar can say that, what say?

Sana and Aashka

Their proximity to each other on the show, stirred many speculations among the other housemates of BB6, who doubted that they were more than just close friends. However, Sana and Aashka were unperturbed by those rumors and continued to share a warm and affectionate bond. They stood by each other through all the ups and downs of the house. Once outside the house they were shocked to know that their friendship was misconstrued, but they continue to be good friends even today…of course after denying the romantic allegations. “She is like my elder sister, she was my true friend in the house”, said an angry Sana Khan to a daily.

Aarya and Upen

The recently evicted contestant Sukirti Kandpal called them ‘Karan – Arjun’ of the Bigg Boss 8 house. Just two weeks in the show and Aarya Babbar and Upen patel are inseparable. Aarya even compared him to his younger brother Prateik Babbar stating on camera that, “He reminds me of Prateik hence I am so fond of him.” But only time will tell if this fondness will last till the end of the show, as Bigg Boss is the house where strangers can become best friends just as easily as best friends can become strangers.  But we do lay our bet on these two young dudes’ friendship. Hope they stand true to the Karan – Arjun tag given to them and have a lasting camaraderie.

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