France and fashion - The contribution of France to the World of Fashion

France has been synonymous with Fashion for centuries. Fashion has been integral to French society and culture. It is well known for it’s haute-couture – which literally translates to ‘high fashion’.

France gained prominence as a design hub in the 17th century following which “haute couture” was born in the 1860’s in Paris.

French Fashion

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The Paris Fashion Week that takes place biannually, following the Milan Fashion Week and happens to be one of the biggest events of the fashion industry. France is home to some of the finest fashion houses in the world. It is the destination for leading fashion designers, models, stylists and fashion enthusiasts to be.

Today, Paris is hailed as one of the leading fashion capitals along with London, Milan and New York.

Christian Dior - Dior is one of the pioneers of French fashion. He is credited for introducing the world to French Fashion. He is one of the most famous fashion designers from France and his fashion house is a vanguard in the fashion world.


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Chanel - Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel better known as Coco Chanel began at a very young age. She is one of the most popular designers of 20th century. Known for her casual chic and sportive designs and for librating women from the traditional ‘corset silhouette’ that was the popular standard then, her line of creativity extends beyond clothing. She also has her signature line of perfumes - Chanel No. 5.


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Louis Vuitton - This designer label was founded by Vuitton in Paris, France in 1854. The product line ranges from trunks to ready-to-wear clothing. LV has shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, watches and a line of luxury leather goods. The design house is famous for its amazing craftsmanship and its attention to detail. For seven years now Louis Vuitton has been the world’s most luxurious brand.


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Yves Saint Laurent - Yves Saint Laurent, is yet another leading fashion brand from France. Yves, started his journey working under the legendary Christian Dior. He has his own line of fashion clothing. His charm lies in his innovative creations which includes –‘Power suits’ for women, the smoking suit, see-through blouses and the iconic jumpsuit endorsed by musician Elvis Presley. Yves Saint Laurent is known as one of the best fashion designers the world has ever seen.


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