Exploring the Louvre

Spread across over 300 rooms piling up over four floors, an artistic arsenal of over 35,000 works on display and another 410,000 languishing in storage, the word ‘museum’ seems pretty insufficient to the great Louvre. It is trip through the artistic and cultural maze across eras and centuries. The collection so diverse, massive and breathtaking that the interested visitors feel the aesthetic charm of the art that has been practiced by the geniuses of the past and present.
The Louvre, after all, is the largest museum in the world that boasts of an attendance of more than eight million visitors a year. Located at the heart of Paris, it resembles a mini-state, laden with its own rigid customs. It houses its personal formidable defense force, which includes 1,100 security guards wearing uniforms by Balenciaga and a fire brigade team of 46 on a 24-hour watch. This just shows how important the treasures of art, history and period are.


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The IM Pei's glass pyramid, is an iconic and distinguishing welcome to the Louvre. Louvre has three U-shaped wings around the Pyramid entrance: the Denon, Sully and Richelieu. The idea to explore the Louvre is simple – Do not expect to inhale all the magnificent museum has to offer for it cannot be done in one go. The sheer idea of its glorious nature can be explained by the fact that a handful of galleries remain closed because the Louvre cannot afford to staff them all.
From the lofty galleries of 18th- and 19th-century Northern European Painting to the 310 yards of the Grande Galerie, which houses the work of captivating Italian artists such as Mantegna, Bellini and Caravaggio, consider a follow through to the Charles X's magnificent canopy bed in Decorative Arts.
Anyone who’s a lover of the art has a special spot in their hearts for sculptures. With a collection that spans from all periods, the ground floor galleries dedicated to sculptures from the Eqyptian antiquities, Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities.

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Another famous gallery – The Venus de Milo is a must visit when in Louvre. It’s just one of the many spots that every visitor lines up waiting to get a close up glimpse and take photos. It’s worth the wait.

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Probably the most controversial and the most awe-inspiring work by Leonardo da Vinci – The Mona Lisa is a must-see. The gallery is an immense collection of impeccable work from the era and is a Mecca for the art lovers.

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A person of decorative arts will fall in love with the galleries on the first floor of the Richelieu wing. The collections of tapestries, ceramics, furniture, jewelry and other objects d’art are the kind that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The exquisite and lavishly decorated Napoleon III Apartments are quite the attraction.

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Art lover or not, being in a search for a particular work of art or just admiring the many astounding work of remarkable artists throughout the ages, whatever you happen to come across while wandering will fill your heart with beauty and astonishment. From the painted and gilded ceilings, the magnificent grand staircases to the awe-striking galleries of masterpieces are filled with surprises. Louvre, if missed, on a French trip, is a loss that cannot be compensated for. So make sure, when in France, do what the French do and visit the Louvre to rejuvenate your senses with impeccable works of art.

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