Ten Reasons to Visit France for Winter Sports

Winter is a great time to visit France. Want to know why? Here’s our top 10 reasons to visit France in winter.

France in winter

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1. Low Hotel Rates! – Yes! The first and most important thing while travelling is the budget and travelling to France in December keeps that in check. In December hotels offers special prices and great bargains. They have special themed packages and deals during this season.

2. Winter Sports – France is known for having the largest ski areas in the world. It’s one of most challenging and thrilling ski-destinations for skiers all over the world. The snow-capped slopes are suitable for everyone whether you’re a newbie or a pro-skier.

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3. The Sparkling markets – The dazzling Christmas market with decoration lights and scent of wine is mesmerizing. The streets of France are filled with Christmas goodies and other entertainments. The best place to enjoy this sight is in Lille and Strasbourg.

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4. The Delightful French Food – French food takes a delightful flavor in winter. Black truffles and sea food take the front seat during this season. Some delicious salmons and heavenly chocolates are for sale in the market.

5. Shopping! Shopping! - Sale season in France is the best thing that can happen to all the shopaholics out there! The sale season is government monitored with shops selling-out the out-of-season stock. The sale usually is from mid-January to February.

6. Sunny Day Out – Winters are quite cold in France but the days can be warm and sunny. So the days are perfect for a walk by the beach and to spend the evening by the fire as the day gets colder. Ah! So romantic!

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7. Spa time – France is the home of some of the most luxurious spas. You can relax and indulge in one of the finest places in town. Pamper yourself in the thermal spa treatments and other treatments the place has to offer

8. The heavenly Wine – The month of November brings with itself, the season of wine tasting in Paris. Wine plays a crucial part in French food and culture and wine merchants across Paris come together for the annual event which takes place in Fte du Beaujolais Nouveau.

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9. Dog Sledge – If winter sports seem too much work for you, don’t worry. Dog sledging is a famous activity, you need to experience, when in France. It’s one of a kind experience, the ride of a dog-sledge, with hounds pulling the sledge on the ice hills.

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10. Horsing in France – Enjoy winter sport as a spectator, enjoy the snow polo event held in Alpine Resort of Megeve. Snow polo takes place in January.

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It is very apparent that there are very few places in the world which have the right mix of everything. France is definitely one of those places. From every travel enthusiast, it is a must visit. Plan up a good vacation and celebrate the holidays with the loved ones. France, is waiting.

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