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The Insider's Diary

What do Mukesh Ambani and rapper 50 Cent have in common?

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on August 28, 2015

With celebrity homes running across acres or climbing vertically farther than Mukesh Ambani’s infamous Antila, what sets the benchmark for identifying a home that is really super-sized? Well, going by musician 50 Cent’s experience, the yardstick may be how long one takes to traverse all the rooms in a mansion!

“I tried to go into every room and feel out the place. How long did it take? Two days!” 50 Cent recently confessed, about a property he purchased from Mike Tyson in 2003. The 52-room Connecticut property is so vast, the musician says it feels like living in a “small hotel”. 

Of course, unlike our Mr. Ambani, 50 claims not to have two cents to rub together these days, having filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. Several documents are attached to the bankruptcy proceedings, an electricity bill for this 52-room mansion being one amongst them. And much like Antila’s headline-grabbing electricity bill, 50 Cent’s Connecticut estate racks up $6,000 a month in power charges. Clearly, it’s time to turn off the lights!