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  • Heidi plans to display the $22,000 snail — bought by beau Vito Schnabel at the amfAR auction on September 26, 2015 — in her garden. Image source :,
The Insider's Diary

The $22,000 snail that showed the world Heidi Klum may be headed down the aisle again!

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on October 05, 2015

They say ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and that is exactly the way Heidi Klum appears to be heading towards another trip down the aisle. It took a giant snail to fast-track Heidi’s nuptial hopes into headlines late last month, when the supermodel’s latest beau splashed out an astounding $22,000 on an 11-foot snail for her, at the seventh annual amfAR auction in Milan on September 26.

Heidi, who chaired the event, gently cajoled her 29-year-old art dealer boyfriend to buy her the plastic accessory — designed by the Cracking Art Group — and he obliged by bidding instantly. In the bargain, Heidi helped raise a Milan record of $1.6 million for the charity that supports AIDS research, and aims to find a cure for the disease by 2020. 

Back on the subject of the 42-year-old beauty and her beau though, a source told ‘Female First’ in August that Heidi was “obsessed” boyfriend Vito Schnabel and was “totally serious about marrying him.” We’re not sure if a mammoth plastic snail qualifies as a good wedding present, but it certainly makes a clear statement: if and when Vito finally pops the question, he won’t hold back with the bling!