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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 09 Nov, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Even for those who can afford all of life’s luxuries, there are some things that are constantly in short supply. Topping the list, most often, is time. So how do you grab that pause when time is of the essence? Actress Priyanka Bose suggests a rejuvenating “weekend in the city.” For her pause, the ‘Gangor’ star took off for a two-day retreat at a Taj property in Gurgaon — and came away relaxed and recharged.

At a mere 45 kilometres from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake, Gurgaon (where Priyanka checked in), is touted as an “environment-friendly sanctuary for the bone weary city dweller.” Extending over 20 acres, with 76 rooms and two suites, the property is lush and landscaped to perfection to showcase nature at its best. From wall-climbing and rifle shooting to quad biking and grappling, there’s no shortage of action-packed activity on offer; but for the ultimate pause head straight to the spa for some plush pampering.

Like Priyanka, The LUXE also suggests an occasional in-city break — when elaborate planning isn’t possible and you’d rather not lose precious time in transit, a resort within the city (or on the outskirts) can give you just the pause you need.