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The Insider's Diary

If you want to come home to Kate Moss, now you can!

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on September 28, 2015

When One Direction star Harry Styles bought himself a fancy new bachelor pad, he called Kate Moss for tips on how to set up the space. Of course we don’t all have the UK’s best-known supermodel on speed dial, but if you’re willing to shell out some serious dosh, you can now buy into Kate’s lifestyle.

Having marked her foray into fashion design with a Topshop collaboration, this weekend Kate made waves for officially unveiling her latest work — as an interior designer for The Lakes by Yoo. Touted as a 650-acre private estate only 90 minutes from London, this luxury Cotswolds development is situated near Lechlade, Gloucestershire. And it is here that Miss Moss has spent six months planning the interior of the new Barnhouse, eliciting early rah-rahs from those who have previewed the space. In the UK, The Sunday Times (dated September 27, 2015) describes this as Kate’s turn “from catwalk to curtain rail,” adding that

“Moss’s eclectic interiors for the house on the Cotswolds estate are more rock’n’roll than classic country.”

From warm velvet sofas to lush linen featuring butterflies and Ikat prints, Kate’s irresistible sense of retro-glamour is evident in spades. Known for being a collector of unusual art and coffee table books, Kate has curated a space that comes alive with her witty take on contemporary country-house living. With prices starting from £2.5 million for the five-bedroom property, you can email should you fancy a dekko.