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The home decor and entertaining choices that define good taste

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on April 18, 2016

Your home silently offers the ultimate testimony to your taste. From your handpicked objets d’art to your carefully curated coffee table book collection, every aspect of your home speaks volumes. Perhaps you haven’t stopped to think about this or, perhaps, you feel as if your taste has evolved over the years and your current home doesn’t accurately reflect this. Either way, we recommend you read on for tips and tricks on how to ensure your home becomes a true tribute to good taste.


Don’t stop at outsourcing your interiors to a big-name designer. They may have celebrity homes on their résumé — or be celebrities themselves — but this is your home and you should always be the only VIP that matters here. Talk to your chosen interiors expert about your pet peeves and personal pleasures, to ensure they are considered and incorporated as they pick out pieces for your pad. Choose a wall to showcase old family portraits that show your impressive lineage — vintage chic is a visual pleasure and this kind of personalisation is more valuable than the most beautiful store-bought prop. If family portraiture is in short supply, interesting art or even vintage collectibles work just as well as indicators of your taste (and they’re great conversation starters too). Define your style early on in your renovation project. Then leave the bells and whistles to the pros.


World travellers are often tempted to buy everything from paintings and rugs to masks and artwork as they jet-set across the planet. Shop up a storm, by all means, but keep your existing décor in mind as you flit from continent to continent. A true test of great taste is if you can walk the line between museum and souvenir shop with ease, achieving the former look as opposed to the latter. When displaying objects, it may help to group similar items together for visual cohesion; like pieces of blue-and-white porcelain, your Wedgewood collection or silver antiques. Don’t be afraid to put away a piece that detracts from the overall aesthetic of a room, no matter how much you may have spent on it. And, most importantly, when in doubt, de-clutter. 


There’s nothing more enjoyable than entertaining at home, especially when you have the home of your dreams. Once you are satisfied with your décor, practice being the perfect host. From high-tea to theme parties and even match-night mayhem with friends, let guests enjoy your good taste too. Remember that the small details make the biggest impression — that tiny tea tidy on the corner of a tray, the sea food fork alongside your lobster entrée and the right set of glasses for each spirit you plan to serve. Of course what you serve is as important as how you serve it, if not more. Serve single malt with whiskey stones for the true ‘rocks’ experience, but pick a brand that is smooth, rich and perfectly balanced, like The Singleton — our current favourite tipple. Never make the mistake of serving a less expensive scotch to some guests, while others are savouring an aged extravagance at the same party. That’s a cardinal sin and a certain sign of poor taste.


Even for those blessed with innate good taste, the wear and tear of regular life can throw an occasional spanner in the works. Assuming your bar is stocked with all the right glasses and accessories, not to mention exquisite serveware, remember that owning the right accoutrements isn’t enough. Even the finest things in the world do age and shabby isn’t always chic. Instead of waiting until the afternoon before the party to check your glassware etcetera, check and discard items on a regular basis. If you consider maintenance a routine matter, you will never experience the discomfort that comes with having a chipped highball glass handed to an important guest. A beautiful broken plate is still a broken plate and that’s a faux pas you really don’t want displayed on your dining table!

Image Credits: architecturaldigest, cdn, legealto, everydaywithsarah