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  • While fashion editors around the world are labelling it ‘the next big thing,’ others are asking if these new fur-lined loafers from Gucci are in fact a ‘crime against fashion’!
The Insider's Diary

Check out the deliciously daft shoes from Gucci that are being touted as “autumn’s defining item,” since their MFW debut!

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on October 05, 2015

Milan Fashion Week (MFW) is an eagerly watched event around the world — high-street buyers commit to their lead inspiration, taking up from the world’s front-running fashion houses; and let’s not forget the fashionistas who start to plan forward for the year’s wardrobe after sitting upfront and eyeing every gorgeous garment that graces the Milanese catwalk.

So, this year, after taking it all in, fashion pundits say radical little skirts, the nautical theme, capes and Eighties-inspired leather were the key themes for the season — but the most unusual eye catcher of them all came to us courtesy the good folks at Gucci. According to The Guardian’s Fashion Editor Jess Cartner-Morley, Alessandro Michele “changed what the Gucci loafer means” at his Milan Fashion Week show late last month. Gucci’s new Creative Director is being credited for having changed the iconic shoe from “sophistication” to “surrealism and androgyny”.

Interested? Well, for now you can enjoy these hot new fur-lined loafers in theory only, because even with the £650 ready to splash, you can’t just buy a pair! Apparently the first drop has long since sold out “just about everywhere” and “the waiting list for the second drop is far too long” to join.

So what are these haute heels all about? Fashion writer Imogen Fox describes them best: “The front part is that classic mid-shine Gucci loafer shape, with a horse-bit snaffle that harks back to the 80s, while the inside and the back are like a pair of slippers or a squashed children’s TV puppet. They’re Dot Cotton meets Sloane Street; Nora Batty getting busy on the trading floor.” They’re “totally ludicrous,” she goes on to say, but they’re also “undoubtedly the fashion totem of Autumn 2015.”

Love them or hate them, there’s a reason you need to know about them — even if you are extremely unlikely to own a pair. Simply put, these loafers are set to define what shoes everywhere will be inspired by in the coming year: the stage is set for bold with a generous dollop of defiant confidence, swagger in spades and soft comfort to boot.