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  • Glin Castle (above) is owned by Catherine Fitzgerald, wife of actor Dominic West (below).
The Insider's Diary

Actor Dominic West plans to convert his Irish castle into a hotel

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on July 30, 2016

Having won acclaim and awards for his TV series The Affair, actor Dominic West has already turned his passion into a paycheck with resounding success. Now, he is trying tirelessly to convert another passion into a thriving enterprise, but this one has nothing at all to do with Hollywood.

In 2010, Dominic married Catherine Fitzgerald, whose father was the last Knight of Glin — a charming village tucked away in County Limerick, Ireland. With her father’s passing in 2011, Catherine took on the responsibility of Glin Castle and its 380 acres of mature parkland, which have been in her family for over 700 years. The exquisite Georgian structure has 21 bedrooms and, not surprisingly, costs an arm and a leg to maintain. It is a challenge the Fitzgerald family have struggled with for quite some time, with Catherine’s father attempting to remedy the situation by turning the castle into a hotel in 2002. Sadly, the venture was unsustainable and the hotel shut down seven years later. Soon after, the Fitzgeralds felt forced to put Glin Castle up for sale, but their desperate desire to keep this piece of heritage within the family has motivated another attempt to convert the property into a profitable project. And this time, Dominic is joining the rescue efforts.

While describing the prospect of selling Glin Castle as “absolutely heart-breaking” for the family, Dominic recently announced their plans to reopen as a hotel. “All going well, sometime next year,” the actor added.

Having hosted guests including Sir Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull in the past, Glin Castle will no doubt be a hotel experience worth having. Besides, Dominic plans to be as hands-on as possible once they open for business. For sentimental reasons, we hope this proves to be another successful passion to paycheck conversion for the actor and his family.

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