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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 29 Jul, 2018 Share image 0 Shares
Falling in love comes at a price – especially if you’d like to wine and dine your lover at some of the world’s most luxurious and splendid restaurants and eateries. From theatrical dining in Ibiza to undersea meals in Maldives and the world’s most expensive cupcake in Dubai, we take you around the world, carefully picking the most exclusive and elite dining experiences money can buy.
1. Theatrical dining in Ibiza
Here’s a dining experience that will leave your date absolutely dazzled! Sublimotion is a high-end eatery which could well pass of as a theatrical experience. Conceptualised by two-Michelin star Spanish chef Paco Roncero, Sublimotion transports diners to a completely different world. 
Diners are treated to a 20-course meal, where each dish is served with a unique twist—for example, the sweet dessert is served on a spinning and levitating plate, which eventually slows down for diners to dig into. Interestingly enough, the room temperature, humidity and even scents are altered to suit each dish, along with the musical accompaniment for a truly wow experience! 
Sublimotion is one of the most expensive culinary experiences in the world. Apart from the flight tickets to Ibiza, you will have to shell out upwards of USD 2000 per person to be seated at the Sublimotion table.
2. Dinner in the sky
Take your date to new heights – literally! Dinner in the sky is a unique dining experience where the meal is hosted on a table suspended 150 feet above the ground using sophisticated German technology. Definitely a must-do for those who love luxury dining with a touch of novelty and adventure.
Although based out of Belgium, Dinner in the Sky events can host these “restaurants” anywhere in the world over an area – so whether you pick a meal overlooking a quaint European town, the rolling Scottish countryside, the Niagara Falls or a stunning coastal sunset, the sky is the limit (literally). You could also time your meal with an event, such as a concert or a sporting game for an unbeatable aerial view.
3. Rent a private island
Rent a private island for you and your lover – does it get any more romantic? Located in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands are both exotic and exclusive. The best known island is Necker Island—owned by the flamboyant Richard Branson. The island boasts of beautiful beaches and splendid marine life. An ultra-luxurious resort (a Balinese-style villa) provides accommodation to well-heeled guests. Its 360 degree open bedrooms provide breathtaking views of the sea. The island has played host to a number of celebrities, right from Oprah Winfrey to Princess Diana. One night on the island will set you back by a whopping USD 47,000—but it truly will be the experience of a lifetime.
4. Sea plane in Sydney
Imagine a restaurant, spectacularly located at the edge of a cliff—which can be best accessed by a sea plane ride. Jonah’s, one of Sydney’s most fabulous restaurants, truly offers a meal to remember. Hop onboard a chartered seaplane from Sydney and enjoy a spectacular half an hour ride with stunning views of the city and its beaches. Land at Palm Beach for a direct transfer to Jonah’s.
When you get to Jonah’s, be prepared to be greeted by a breathtaking view of the sea—a sweeping beach, the blue Pacific Ocean and not a person in sight. How perfect is that? The food presentation is lovely—you will spend your meal torn between looking at the view and your plate. Enjoy the fresh sea food preparations (a restaurant specialty). The pan seared Barramundi and North Atlantic scallops are favourites. Finish up with the almond panna cotta with raspberry sorbet—before you jump back onto the sea plane and return to reality.
5. Restaurant for two in Rome
Solo Per Due (“Only for Two”) in Rome, Italy prides itself on being the world’s smallest restaurant. With just one table that caters to two special guests, Solo Per Due is an unforgettable experience. The restaurant is located inside a beautiful 19th century building, housed on the grounds of a historical Roman villa. With a beautiful décor that takes you back in time (Large armchairs with intricate tapestry, lavish carpets and a fireplace crackling in the background) the ambience is almost magical. The staff goes to great lengths to be scarce—appearing only if summoned by a silver bell.
Tuck into a hearty meal made from the freshest local produce. Local specialties such as sheep’s cheese, wild mushrooms and extra virgin olive oil all feature in the cooking. Needless to say, there’s room only for two at Solo Per Due—so early reservations are a must!
6. Undersea dining in the Maldives
Perhaps the most unusual dining setting of them all—a fine dining restaurant located beneath the sea! Welcome to the The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant situated off the Rangali Island in the Maldives— located 5 metres below sea level, it is the only undersea restaurant in the world. A spiral staircase in a thatched pavilion at the end of a jetty leads to the restaurant—leading diners literally into a different world! 
Ithaa offers diners with spectacular 270 degree panoramic view of the marine life. Sip on champagne as you watch the underwater world swim by all around you—blue hues and colourful fish make for a stunning sight! Follow it up with an elaborate six course meal of the restaurant’s signature cavier, lobster and foie gras. Given the stunning setting, the price tag of USD 320 seems like genuine steal.
7. The most expensive cupcake in Dubai
For those who’d like to end their date on an extra sweet note, Dubai’s Bloomsbury Café claims to offer the world’s most expensive cupcake. Known as the ‘Golden Phoenix,’ the cake is created from a recipe that includes Italian chocolate, 23-carat edible gold sheets, organic strawberries and lots of edible gold dusting. The cake is presented on a 24-carat gold stand. The Golden Phoenix sweet treat will only set you back around USD 1000 – a small price for such a luxurious treat!
8. Diamonds are forever in Tokyo
Looking to propose to your partner at the end of a fabulous date? Head over to the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo for one of the world’s most expensive cocktails – priced at a cool USD 22,600. Of course, this isn’t just any ordinary drink – it comes with a fantastic diamond nestled at the bottom. Named ‘Diamonds are Forever’ (after the famous Bond movie) the cocktail is a mixture of vodka and lime. To add to the experience, the bar plays the film’s theme song every time this drink is ordered.
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