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  • Tom Cruise and his seven-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills.
The Insider's Diary

The $40 million mansion Tom Cruise no longer wants...

Posted by: Sonali Velinker Kamat on June 28, 2016

Perhaps the fact that he’s thrice-divorced and currently single has Tom Cruise in ‘declutter’ mode. Less than a year after he sold his Hollywood Hills estate for $11.4 million, the Top Gun star has offloaded another spectacular Los Angeles home — this time a seven-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills.

Originally listed for $45 million, we hear Cruise slashed $5 million off the asking price in order to sell the 1.3 acre property; with its nine bathrooms, tennis court, swimming pool, children’s playground and guesthouses. Reports suggest Tom bought the plush Beverly Hills pad in 2007 for around $30 million, within a year of daughter Suri’s birth. The sale of his Hollywood Hills estate took over two years, which may explain Tom’s willingness to slash the price and offload his Beverly Hills home — but it doesn’t explain why the actor is so keen to divest his real estate holdings. It seems his Colorado home, purchased in the Nineties while he was married to Nicole Kidman, is also on the market for a staggering $59 million.

Can all these sales simply be written off as practical decisions because Cruise no longer uses these homes, or is there a larger game at play here? We’ve got our ear to the ground for more on this story…

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