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Looking for the ideal gift to give to your father? Have you considered a bottle of Scotch? Scotch is arguably the world’s most loved whisky. Whenever I visit my father, I always bring along a bottle of his all-time favorite; Johnnie Walker Red Label. As a matter of fact, I am also a Red Label fan courtesy of my father’s love and astute loyalty to the drink.

There are different types of scotches, each offering a diverse range of tastes, textures and flavours, giving you an incredible experience every time you drink it. Additionally, Scotch is definitely the only drink that suits everyone’s taste and preference. Here is an overview on the blends available. 

  • VAT 69

VAT 69 is definitely one of the best drinks courtesy its unique fruity flavors. Born in 1882 during a tasting test, this drink is one of the best blends created by Sir William Sanderson. It is an epitome of character, strength and perfection, built to drive men to succeed by being unique.

VAT 69


  • Black & White

Known for its impeccable characteristics, Black & White will leave you impressed because of its captivating look and fascinating taste. Its floral and fruity flavor is derived from the best highland scotch whiskies and the finest speyside. Black & White is one of the best tasting scotches out there and surely tastes better when enjoyed with others. 


  • Black Dog

One of the best scotches to offer as a gift, Black Dog is definitely the gift to give to someone who deserves appreciation for their hard work. For a long time, this has been the choice of zealous individuals who know how to live one moment at a time. Black Dog is the ideal drink to relax and unwind after chasing your dreams.


  • Johnnie Walker Red label

Ever since I was kid, I always wondered why my old man was so loyal to the Red Label. However, this is something understood only when I decided to follow his footsteps. Johnnie Walker Red Label is created from light whiskies found in the east coast of Scotland. The light whiskies from the east coast are combined with the peaty and dark whiskies from the west coast to give you that amazing taste. Being the pioneer blend, you should expect nothing short of an amazing experience.



  • Johnnie walker Black label

During its inception in 1870, Black Label was known as Extra Special Highland whisky. Black Label is created from more than 40 properly selected grains and malt whiskies, each being aged for a minimum of 12 years. In addition, the spectacular craftsmanship employed in creating this masterpiece is the reason why it’s the leading deluxe blended Scotch whisky in the world.



  • Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

Another product from the outstanding Johnnie Walker label. Double Black is intense and smokier than its counterparts. It also incorporates Johnnie Walker’s signature flavor; that of west coast whiskies. Looking for an intense scotch? The Double Black Label is your answer. 


  • Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

The Gold Label reserve has a flavor that no other scotch can match. This unique blend was created from the best whiskies in the private reserve of Johnnie Walker’s master blender; Jim Beveridge. This rare blend is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a drink that is extravagant and sophisticated.  


  • The Singleton of Glen Ord

Created in a distillery that dates back to the 19th century, The Singleton of Ord still embraces traditional production methods till date. In-house malting, slow distillation and long fermentation are some of the traditional methods of production still being used. This unique single malt has won numerous gold medals in distinguished spirit competitions around the world, all courtesy of its warm fruity taste.



With scotch, you certainly can never go wrong. It is made for those who believe in enjoying moments in a unique way. That said, now you know why scotch is the world’s best drink. Don’t you? 


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