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That big adrenaline rush

Life is an adventure, sure. But making adventure a big part of your life is how you can make the best of it, too. And you’ll remember it forever.

Riding the waves

You’ve seen all those travel shows about the Gold Coast in which bronzed surfers balance on their surf boards and have a blast. Doing it yourself could be the adventure of a lifetime. A good instructor, loads of confidence and a good surfing destination are all that you need.



Spills and thrills

Anyone who’s hit the rapids knows what a big high white-water rafting can be. A bunch of adventure-loving people in a light boat being carried away by the force of a rushing river is an activity packed with thrills, not to mention spills, like no other water sport is.

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Diving deep

Exploring the magical underwater world is on their bucket-list for lots of adventure seekers. Beneath the water lies a realm of breath-taking colour and exotic sea creatures. All you have to do is to sign up for a session, strap on that kit and dive, deep.

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By a thread

You’ve seen enough bungee-jumping in the movies to want to try it yourself, right? Free-falling can give you that feeling of being on top of the world. Find a scenic destination and get a bird’s eye view of it all.

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High adventure

Mountain climbers have always been celebrated for their sense of adventure. The majesty and mystery of high peaks that must be reached by braving the elements hold out a special thrill. And there’s nothing to compare with the satisfaction of reaching that summit.

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