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Best moments of Life

Time flies when you're in love. And for couples who’ve sealed their togetherness with time, it’s delightful to rewind and reminisce about their special moments.

The romance of the first glance

Maybe it was across a crowded room. Or at the bus stop, or train, or at college. Or even perhaps at your in-law’s place because it was an arranged marriage. Either ways, the romance of the first glance is a picture-perfect memory in any relationship.

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The excitement of the first date

It’s the meeting that made it all happen, right? Remember the anticipation, the trepidation as you dressed and set out for the big day? Who can forget that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling! And, eventually, you liked each other very, very much and decided to go on another date and then another. Check out some places to go around on your first date.

The exuberance at the proposal

So, you spent months together – or, maybe it was years – and decide this is forever. Proposing marriage and she saying ‘Yes!’ sure counts among the top moments a couple will want to capture forever.

The magic of the wedding

Every couple in love cherishes memories of their big day – the wedding. Whether it was an intimate, exclusive affair on a beach or an extravagant celebration with 500 guests, it will remain special through time.

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The thrill of travel

There’s something so exciting about taking off someplace, just the two of you. Perhaps you took a beach break or went climbing up a high mountain. Or, explored an exotic city together. It’s a scrapbook of beautiful memories, to be sure.

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The joy of the first home

Your first home together will always be remembered as a love nest – whether it’s a sprawling bungalow or a cosy studio apartment.  

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