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They are the big moments, the times you feel on top of the world. It’s all about treasuring the high points of your life.

Five high points of your life

No more exams

Graduating from college is always a big milestone and possibly the best memory of leaving behind teenage and stepping into adulthood. If your GPA scores are super and you topped the graduating class it’s even better, right?


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Your first salary

Oh sure, you might have had pocket money and other small earnings – but nothing really compares to the thrill of the first salary. Of course, it might have disappeared all too quickly after you treated your friends and bought a little something special for ma and pa. But how good it felt to finally have your own money!

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That first international holiday

One of the things everyone cherishes is their first trip abroad. No matter how much globe-trotting you do afterwards, the excitement of that first foreign foray will always be thrilling. Think of the sense of adventure you had before you set out to London, Melbourne or Bali – splendid, it was, to be sure.  

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The whee in wheels

There’s something about buying your first car that says ‘I’ve arrived, this is a big, personal moment.’ Remember all that time you spent deciding on what car to buy and how diligently you saved up to be able to vroom off on those sleek wheels?

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A place of your own

Whether it’s a little studio apartment or a sprawling dupleix villa, buying a home is a landmark moment in everyone’s life. It means you are ready to settle, put down roots and build a space that is all your own, with your individuality stamped all over it.

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Personalise your moments to make them memorable!

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