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Five fantastic ways to propose

Have you been planning on pouring your heart out and pop the big question? Get creative while wooing your partner and make the day memorable. 

Champagne, anyone? This one will wow the girl who enjoys the Champagne and caviar lifestyle. Drop the ring into an empty Champagne tulip and serve it to her. When she says ‘yes’ and slips on the ring, pour in the bubbly and celebrate. If you’re in a nice bar, you can have the staff do this for you.

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Remember the first time? Set up a date where you first met – park, nightclub, restaurant or Metro station. Carry flowers, take the ring, drop down on your knees and ask.

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Say it with a slogan: If your girl has a wacky sense of humour, pander to it. Show up in a T-shirt that has ‘Will you marry me?’ splashed across the front. Digital printing stores will do the job for you.

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Take the mic: Go clubbing on a busy weekend night. Fix with the DJ earlier, so you can have the mic for a minute. Call out to your girl and pop the question. You can dance the night away after that.

Sweet endings: Set a date in your favourite restaurant. Ask the pastry chef to write your proposal on or around her favourite dessert. That will make a sweet ending to your meal, for sure.

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