Top 10 Of Singer, Songwriter Beth Hart That Encapsulated Her Vigour As An Artist

Grammy nominated American singer, songwriter Beth Hart has always managed to win hearts with her music. All her bodies of work are a reflection of who she is as a person and what is of interest to her at that point in time. With more than ten albums under her credit, her talent as a musician barely goes unnoticed— no wonder artists like Joe Bonamassa and Jeff Beck are eagerly looking to collaborate with her. The last thing we would like to add is, if music is something that moves you than Hart is one artist you have to listen to (if you haven’t already).

Hart marks her debut performance in Bangalore, India on the 22nd of April this month. Go and see history in the making. Further, here are ten songs of Beth Hart that with give you a taste of her music.

Mechanical Heart


LA Song

Bang Bang Boom Boom

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Broken And Ugly

Love Is A Lie

Fire On The Floor

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Sinner’s Prayer

Caught Out In The Rain

Your Heart Is As Black As Night

One Eyed Chicken

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