For Riyaz Amlani a great party means great friends and great music

Riyaaz Amlani, the head of the Impresario group and President of the NRAI (National Restaurant Association of India), was instrumental in setting up INCA. It was tough catching up with Amlani, who seems to be a ball of energy, as he was graciously playing host, moderator and questioner to panellists who he had brought together for this two day event. We caught up with Amlani while he was taking a break from the action for a short, to-the-point question and answer session where he told us about a few of his favourite places to party.

How do you think the nightlife scenario is changing in the country?

It’s struggling to survive. The demand is huge and latent, (but) more needs to be done to support the venues. We heard yesterday from Lutz, who spoke about how grants were given by the (German) government. Blue Frog should have not shut down.

What do you think are the new trends in drinking?

I think people are becoming adventurous. They’re trying new things, they’re going out, and they want to drink new cocktails. It’s not just about getting drunk anymore. It’s about enjoying your libation with a culinary twist.

The Riyaaz Amlani interview

What is your idea of a great night out?

Great friends, great music - fun things to do together, fun activities to undertake together. Being out and about. Enjoying and owning your city, is my idea of a great night out.

What is your favourite place to party in India?

I used to love Blue Frog, it was one of my favourite venues. Great vibe, great gigs, (it was) fantastic.


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