Five Reasons Why You Should Attend The Beth Hart Concert

American singer, songwriter Beth Hart is coming down to India on April 22. She is performing in Bangalore, St Johns Auditorium, Koramanagla. We know it’s going to be a blast, and here are five reasons to convince you to come for the concert.

The Beth Hart Concert

Indian Shores For The First Time

She is coming to India for the first time so it’s safe to say that it would be a treat for everyone. Speaking to an online magazine recently she says, “Getting to come to India, for the first time, is going to be fantastic! I could not believe when my manager told me that we are going to get to go there, I was absolutely thrilled about it. I don’t know a lot of the history of India, but I do know a bit about some of the spiritual things there, which have always been beautiful to me and the food is phenomenal, I love Indian food. My sister’s been to India a lot, and she absolutely adores it, I’m really looking forward to it, it’s going to be great.”

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For The Diehard Blues-Rock Lover

Love blues-rock? Then this is something you should not miss. Hart is one of the best blue-rock singer-songwriter of her time. Trust us on this one—this performance will be etched in your memory for a long time. Further, if your kids are into music get them to the show too, Hart might change how they outlook on music.

A Good Way To Get Social

The festival can be a great place to build connections that will last a lifetime. Music has always helped build community where people can discuss and talk about things that bother them. As writer Hans Christian Andersen puts it ‘Where words fail, music speaks.’

Contributing To The Arts

Look at this for this angle, if you attend this gig then there is a five per cent chance that you actually care about the arts. Further, in the day in age where people are not investing in the art (especially India), this might be your chance to prove them wrong.

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Way Better Than Sitting At Home And Talk About The Event On Facebook

April 22 is a Saturday, and it’s way better than sitting a home and commenting about the gig on Facebook. Better still, you can get your date at the show, we don’t know about other things, but the music is something she will never forget.

When: 22 April.

Where: St Johns Auditorium, Bangalore


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