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published time By Liveinstyle published time 17 Jan, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Love of all other feelings if why this world is going around. Love keeps it all alive. His presence of all and his smile to add to it makes our day. Though every day should be the celebration of love, it is somehow special on Valentine’s day. So, how about making it even more special by gifting him a token of love?

Better, celebrate the whole Valentine week and enjoy it to the fullest. Gift him one each day on rose day, hug day, propose day, promise day, kiss day, teddy day and chocolate day:

1)    Rose Day:


Rose day, is the first day of Valentine’s week. What a perfect way to start Valentine’s week! Make a bouquet yourself or buy it from the best flower shop. Whether you’ve been married for years or the fire has just begun to spark, roses have their own place in the matters of love. Write a personal message to spice it up.

2)    Propose Day:


Tell him how you love to hold hands and to hear his heartbeat. Tell him how he makes you go wild and tamed at the same time. Propose to him for a new life or another year of passion. Renew your vows. Arrange for a candlelight dinner or for stargazing with scotch.

3)    Chocolate Day:

“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” wrote Joanne Harris in Chocolat. Ain’t love too like chocolate? Bitter. Sweet? That’s why the term Bittersweet love. So, think no more, make the day chocolaty for him. Bake a chocolate cake or some cookies. Enjoy this sinful combination of love and chocolates.

4)    Teddy Bear Day:

Yes, it sounds more like a cliché. And of course, you must feel reluctant in gifting teddy to your guy, we hear you. But what can be a better alternative to cuddle with when you are on a vacation? Also, it’s every glimpse will remind him of you.

5)    Promise Day:

“I want you forever, not just for tonight.” wrote Sylvain Reynard in her book Gabriel's Inferno. Isn’t it true to real life as well? That’s a promise to make and to keep up for the rest of life. So, if he is the one for you, make the promise and tell him that you are a keeper.

6)    Hug Day:

Well, we all die for hugs, don’t we? What can better convey warmth and love that a hug? Of course, it is impractical to hug your darling every time you see him, rather funny. So, you might better gift him a showpiece of a couple immersed in each other.

7)    Kiss Day:

Okay, so this is awesome. The best you can do is steal random kisses. You may order food, light up some candles and watch a romantic movie together. 


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