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published time By Neville Mathews published time 24 Feb, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Birthdays, bachelors, matches or even just a friendly get-together are all reasons to freak out and party. Along with the music and the fine company comes a drink (or loads of it sometimes). Gobble it down and see the party ending way before time, but pace it well and you have a night to remember. Here are a few tips to enjoy your drinks effectively.

Stage 1 

Welcome Drink: You have just entered and the host pours the first one of the night. Take it easy, sip it and make new friends. No one likes a person who refills every 2 seconds.

Stage 2 

Dancing drinks: By now you have already had a few and the music is inviting you to shake a leg. Keep the drink on your table and sip only when you're thirsty. Spilling on the floor or on your date is NOT acceptable.

Stage 3

The unwind: The party is slowing down, so grab a glass of water and reconsider making another one. Less is always better. Have a bite or 2 and then grab another one.

Stage 4

One for the road: If you're still thirsty after it all, pour your last one for the night with the select few who can hold their drinks and laugh at the funny moments. Keep it light and slow.

Handy tips:

  1. Stick to one. Mixing drinks is for the bartender.
  2. Eating helps you keep the high just right.
  3. Stick to plastic glasses, it's easier to clean up
  4. H20 is your best friend.
  5. Dance Dance Dance.

Stick to these few simple rules and stay away from the wheel and you'll be the life of every party.

P.S. Don't ever forget to say Cheers!

Article By: Neville Mathews

Neville Mathews is a twenty-something working professional, an avid reader and a regular festival goer. You may see him in the mosh pit dressed in black and military shorts. Do stop by to say hi.

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