Take it easy on Valentine's Day

Who doesn’t like a drink during a celebration? We love to kick back, pour a few and make merry. Come Valentine’s Day, and we are sure the bottle of champagne looks inviting and will certainly add a zing to your celebration of love. But instead of downing bottles, why not have just a drink or two and have a better night.

Here are some awesome things to do that doesn’t include binging.

Driving around the town – Yes, it’s loads of fun, just driving and not worrying about space in a packed club or hotel. If you’re planning to have even a few drinks, be sure to be responsible and appoint a designated driver.

Long drive with your lover

Dessert – Go ahead, break the rules! Have dessert as the entrée, main course and dessert. Either way, all the hotels or pubs will be full. Also, dessert always wins more brownie points and tastes better after a drink.

Play – Go and have an awesome time at an arcade. Yeah it’s true, an arcade. Load up on the tokens and go crazy. Win some awesome prizes and some hearts too.

Cook – Why go out? Take your culinary skills to your own kitchen and whip up a feast. It has been said that the quickest way to a heart is through the stomach, and a glass of wine with dinner is perfect.

Shopping – Make your date happy by taking her shopping. It’s not exactly light on the pocket, but will surely put a smile on her face.

There’s a lot that will make your Valentine’s Day special, but nothing is worse than getting drunk. This year let’s keep it clean and drink responsibly

Article By: Neville Mathews

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