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published time By Liveinstyle published time 09 Dec, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

We’ve all been there and done that. And what starts off as a great night with friends and colleagues ends up in a disaster. If you wake up next morning with not only a hangover but also the question ‘did-i-do-that’, then here are a few tips that will ensure that you don’t go overboard while having a good time.

Find your way home

Last things first. While the night might take all sorts of twists and turns always plan ahead and know how are you getting home. Is there are teetotaler in your group of friends who can drive, are you calling a cab or is someone picking you up? Decide this before you start to make sure that you reach home safe and wake up next day with happy memories and all of your belongings.

Don’t stay hungry

One of the most common mistakes is starting the party without food. While we are all tempted to hit the bar first, food is where you should start. Eating before and during drinking ensures that alcohol gets absorbed slowly. If you drink on an empty stomach, you will get drunk faster, which means an early night or embarrassing behavior.

Don't mix drinks

While people debate if mixing two types of alcohol actually does cause quicker intoxication and sickness, it is fact that mixing (two or more types) liquor might make you consume more alcohol than you would if you stick to just one type. If you drink more, you are obviously likely to get more inebriated. So pick one type and stick to it for the night.

Be a cautious explorer

Think of yourself as an experimenter? Love trying out different cocktails and liquors? Though all of this sounds very exciting, fact is cocktails contain different kinds of ingredient and liquors. And above all, most of them taste delicious. If you are ordering a cocktail or new type of alcohol, enquire about it. Get to know how many types of alcohol are in it, what are the ingredients and alcohol percentage. Accordingly, decide how many of those can you consume.

Tipsy, high or drunk?

Be aware of what level of intoxication are you on. Stop, get a glass of water, hydrate and resume depending on how you feel. Alcohol dehydrates you and also draws vitamins and minerals out of your body. Maintain the balance by drinking one glass of water after one drink. Pace yourself well and enjoy the entire night.