Tattoos, Hairstyle and Fashion - Cricket Edition

Since its inception, IPL has always been more than just the game of cricket. Glitz and glamour showcased both on and off the field, has made it a very larger than life spectacles. And when it comes to style, the cricketers aren't very far behind.

We all have seen the various hairstyles Sachin has sported over the years (special focus on his current straightened hair). But the younger cricketers are the ones who are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion. Super fashionable hairstyles, awe inspiring tattoos, the latest brands and an attitude to match it...these cricketers are not afraid to experiment.

We take a behind-the-scenes look at the Deccan Chargers camp. Though they didn't set the field on fire in IPL 2012, the players were right up there when it came to fashion and lifestyle.

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