Silent Noise Party At Opus Bangalore

Ever since Bangalore was introduced to the 11:30pm deadline, attending parties felt like a thing of the past. You would get all dressed up, walk in by 9pm, do the same things you do at any other party and walk out by 11 or so. However when invited me to party with them in style at one of their silent theme parties on a Saturday night at Opus, I immediately wanted to go. Silence at a party seemed so contradictory hence I was itching to experience this.

I was told it would be a headphones party and since I had never been to one, my entourage and me were a little more than excited about the whole party deal. As soon as we reached the venue we were given our registration tags and a pair of headphones. A suave gentleman explained how the headphones work.

The stage was set with three DJs each representing a particular genre of music color coded in blue, green and red. The headphones are your only source of music and you could switch between channels so clearly 3 different kinds of music were made available on a single platform ensuring everybody’s taste was catered to. At one point same music was playing in 2 different channels but mixed so very differently by the DJs. It was as if you were connecting with their personalities.

I was fascinated to see how all of us were grooving and were in sync even if we were not listening to the same channel. Plus the whole excitement of discovering a song on one channel and immediately asking everyone else to tune in to the same and having our moment right there was a fabulous experience. Unlike in regular parties where everything is loud and having a conversation means having to scream your lungs out. Here all you had to do was simply take off your headphones (the only source of music) and indulge in some wonderful conversations and put them back on when music is calling.

I really see this catching on and being the next big thing in parties. Raising a toast and hoping there is another one lurking around the closest Saturday.

Article By: Smrithi Rao

Bio: I love taking photographs, chai, furry animals and fashion without fur. Work as a Computer Science Engineer so clearly with no frills. From being vintage-obsessed to finding the Future chic. I’m here to rescue you from making any fashion faux pas.

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